Friday, August 1, 2008

never pass up a chance

My horoscope for today reads:

Since today's New Moon is your best chance all year to make improvements to your job or how you do your work, think about what you can do. This doesn't mean you have to make these improvements today. It means that today is the time to resolve how to improve your work.

I don't always read the horoscopes, so I'm glad not to have missed the best time all year to think about resolving how to improve my work.

Will keep you informed of what comes of my New Moon thinking.


  1. Hi, I've come to visit you. You have a very nice banner and you make interesting cocktails. The fact that you are a Canadian speaks for you, as I usually end up liking them. A better class of Northern Americans, don't you think? I've added you to my favorites and will be back every day to check on you. Don't be going off on a long vacation now.

  2. violetsky, I don't believe in horoscope either, they're entertaining but I don't take it seriously. However, mine yesterday said something about stress level... mmm...

    Enjoy the long weekend :)

  3. I think you should have a cocktail on the balcony while contemplating how to improve your work...

  4. Contemplating how to improve your work is a definite NO NO on a Friday - time to put your feet up on that lovely balcony with another yummy cocktail and forget about work........


  5. Irene: welcome. oops, I am going on holidays... but I promise to write about it. Maybe I'll pre post a cocktail a day to help all of you get through my absence.

    UA: yeah, I only read them maybe 3x/year and only for the humour.

    Jazz & MA: getting slightly conflictly thoughts on this, EXCEPT for the cocktail on the balcony.

    I thought about work only long enough to say yes to a new client tonight. Now pre dinner drinks...

  6. Now that's a very civilised sort of horoscope to have!!

  7. Frogdancer: yes, and I like the open endedness ... just think about it, that's all


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