Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday AMuse

predicting a wild time,
still on hols,
courtesy of blogger pre-posting.


  1. Hey, I didn't know we could pre-post!!

    Gotta check this out.

    Hope you're having a blast.

  2. That's the spirit!

  3. Glad you're enjoying your break, don't worry we will play nice while you're away!

  4. Premature posting? Don't they make a pill for that? ;-)

  5. You're tagged.

    Hope your're having a lovely time. I'm green with envy.

  6. Hi
    Still reading your work with interest. Your presentation puts me to shame.
    Re airoplanes, would you believe I have never been on one,aged 68!
    The whole blogging lark drives me crazy at times. You are so far in front of me. I have Blogging for Dummies but can't even follow that!
    How do you get so many comments. Is my sitemeters correct very few know I exist. Your work is excellent but how do you get it seen.
    I know the link idea but EXACTLY how do I physically link, If I wanted to link to your site for instance. Books assume too much.
    And your interesting lives for instance, how EXACTLY is it done. Whats obvious to others is not obvious to me. In this town they have evening classes in virtually everything, but blogging, zilch.
    Had a rotton week. Crashed my motor, expensive, been ill with an absess and working daily carting stuff to my new house. Felt like going under until I remembered those around with real problems. Self pities an awful thing. Keep writing, you deserve an audience.

    Ken Stevens


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