Wednesday, July 30, 2008

refreshingly simple

The cocktail hour has been missed.
I have to work later this evening so no sunset viewing, but there's no thunderstorm either.
Tonight, on my balcony, mini quiches and another refreshing drink (courtesy LCBO Food&Drink)

Lemon Grass Splash

Exotic garnishes add style and sophistication to any cocktail and are easy to find at your local grocery store. Lemon grass can be used as a stir stick, while imbuing your cocktail with its perfumed citrus essence.

1. Fill a Collins glass with ice.
2. Add 1 tsp fresh blueberries and 1½ oz gin, top with 5 oz lemonade.
3. Garnish with a lemon grass spear.


  1. Sitting on your balcony for a light dinner and a cool drink, now that sounds like a perfect summer evening.

  2. Yum. Yeah, that about sums it up...yum! I am sooo making these this weekend.

  3. These sound like good drinks but would require me to go to the store. I make up drinks based on what's in the house. The other day I wanted a vodka tonic but had no limes and I don't care for just vodka and tonic. I remembered I had some mojito mix that I thought was too something and didn't care for, but it made for a great little splash in my vodka tonic. A vodka tonijito?

    Your passport problem made me think of something from years ago. My former SIL wanted to marry a guy that had been in priest school. He had to get some special letter from the pope excusing him from class or whatever it's called so they could marry in the Catholic church. They had all the arrangements for a formal wedding, the rest of us all had our plane tickets and they got that letter on the Wednesday before the Saturday wedding. They were pretty stressed, too!

  4. ooh, yum. I have a certificate in cocktail mixology (sounds grand eh?) but it was basically an excuse to go drinking during the week. Am more into gluhwein at the moment cos the weather is so crap.

  5. Oh yummmyyyyyy!!! sounds like the perfect drink after an evening of running :)

    No thunderstorms last night but a nice show of lightning in downtown TO.

  6. Em: evenings are the best on my balcony

    leplume: these are dead easy to make and healthy, what with the fresh blueberries

    UA: yes, it would be - so light, and again, healthy, what with those blueberries

  7. geewits: I love your versatility!

    Sagittarian: a true mixologist! you should get together with geewits and see what background knowledge and sheer creativity can come up

  8. Oh good, I knew there had to be a use for all those lemon grass spears cluttering up my kitchen. Yep.

  9. I'm licking my lips, that sounds delicious. I'm sat here at my pc with a can of 7up. Doesn't really compare does it!

    CJ xx

  10. I love that LCBO Food & Drink magazine. So many fabulously refreshing thirst quenching ideas & lots of good recipes, too!

  11. I am unfamiliar with "lemon grass spears"...But it sounds quite refreshing...I personally would leave out the Gin...I do better without the!

    Thanks for your visit...!

  12. I agree with Em; sounds perfect. I love adult beverages but had to give them up. They don't go well with my medication. So sad. Of course, since I can't afford to see the doctor to get my prescription refilled, I could just drink, couldn't I?

  13. citizen: I did actually buy the lemongrass, so now on to some Thai recipes...

    Crystal: no it does not compare

    Naomi: lemongrass is a delightful taste

    XUP: I had quite the collection of the magazines. The photos alone could make me drool. I even love the glassware!

    miwise: It's only a little gin... for inbetween times. Use with discretion.


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