Friday, July 11, 2008

water, water

So, I was checking out Noha's blog and came across her post referring to a water use calculator.
Decided to check it out for myself, just out of curiosity. Thinking, rather smugly, that my usage will be so low and I will feel so virtuous in my conservancy.

Not so fast.

Even without the extra 'not applicable' bits (dishwasher, laundry, pool, yard) I was only a little below the average.

Still, at least I was below.

Ed: this is a Canadian site, but still, play along. Just pick a province or territory at random, Ontario being the most populous and Nunavut the least, with PEI being the most densely populated by area.


  1. Good survey! Here are my results:

    Your daily average water usage: 179L

    Your province's daily average: 285L
    Canadian national daily average: 335L

    But then I live in a condo so that would explain the low number.

    Thanks for posting this. Way cool.

  2. I'll have to try that...

    335 litres per day per person on average? Isn't that somewhat extreme? I mean, if you and UA are below for instance, that means someone is above the average.

    What the hell are they doing with the water?

  3. Jazz: yes, I though it a little extreme as well. I was quite shocked at the calculation actually. I cannot imagine using that much water.

    UA: so I timed myself and redid it this time using slightly lower estimates and came up with 167. My first was 186. That 100 litres below PA really bugged me.

    A friend of mine has a neat 'hippo' soap dispenser for her son which lights up when pressed and flashes for 30 seconds showing how long you should be washing your hands (I think there's also one for toothpaste). 30 seconds really is a long time. I've always stopped before then.

    So, I have not a good sense of time.

    Noha?: How have your results been?


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