Sunday, July 20, 2008

inspiration ... in appreciation

the weather for today
morning afternoon evening night

Well, what do you know ... it is RAINING! with a THUNDERSTORM!

We have had more lightning strikes in the last month than in all of the last year. If nature wanted to prove she has the power she has done it, she has succeeded. 9,050 times in fact, in June alone. And how many times did I jump up with a start at the sound of rain and run outside to check on my sunroof that was all along closed? Well, not 9,050 times, I'm not that absent-minded.

The cat is oblivious to it all and is sitting outside on the balcony
soaking up the wet from the green carpet.
Watching the pigeons.
Yes, Clive and Jack and Vera are back.
Maybe not the original ones, but who knows?

Doesn't matter as the tv is on and the remote is nearby for easy switching from

The weather in England is windy.
The weather in Italy is wet.
The weather in Canada is wet and windy.
The weather in Australia is warm and sunny.
Well somewhere in Australia.

Maybe not Melbourne, where it is a chilly, winterish 12C and my blog friend Frogdancer is knitting SCARVES for everyone due to some idea of extreme cold.

People in Australia live in a topsy turvy world.

But, since she has given me my FIRST AWARD I shall not be rude or condescending or mention any more that she is knitting scarves in 12C weather.

So, it seems I must now pass this on to SEVEN other people.

I could hardly sleep for thinking about this immense responsibility. This is my first afterall. I promise to become more blase by the third or fifth ...
So, in no particular order here are my chosen seven:

Crystal Jigsaw for having such good stories and turns of phrase. And for having a life sized cardboard cutout of David Tennant in her room.
XUP for seeing so much humour in life. Jazz for her dry wit. So few words can convey so much with her comments.
Urban Animal who used to be a Happy Downtowner but now just keeps on running. Like a fox. Chasing a dream. And happy to do it.
Under There for the most thought provoking writing. Ever. A perfect combination of seriousness and funny. Ruth over at synch-ro-ni-zing for her prose and photos. Lovely.
Lone Grey Squirrel on whose blog I lurked for a long time before finally commenting and was immediately challenged/inspired to come up with my own New 7 Wonders votes that took up so many delightful hours of my time last week.

Padraig Harrington has his award.
So drop on by. Pick up your award and pass it on to your own seven..

Drinks are on me.


  1. Oooooh, I'm so honoured! I am humbly appreciative and will display with pride.

    Congratulations on receiving the award yourself.

    CJ xx

  2. Strange, our cats used to dive for cover. But then the thunderstorms we had in the UK were really quite pathetic!

    Had a few here in Warsaw over the past few weeks. Went out for a jog the other day and ended up trying to outrun one. Quite motivational I'll say! The thunderstorm won of course.

  3. yellerbelly: at the moment of writing, it wasn't actually thundering when she is usually under the bed or duvet. I saw some pics of your lightning show as I followed through on someone's comments - from yours or scatts? - anyway, they were impressive photos!

  4. Well, congratualtions to you on the award.

    But I'm not sure a green cat needs to be so oblivious.

  5. Congratulations! I can't believe this is your first award.

  6. Congratulations, Sanna. And thank you! That is a kind honor, and nice what you wrote.

  7. What do you mean by "SOME idea of cold????" It's freezing when it's 12C. I had to warm my hands on my coffee mug when I was waiting for the computer to fire up. Outrageous!
    I got dressed and had to put a jumper(sweater) on. Uncivilised!! I had to avoid puddles of rain water in the car park as I went into the school building. Untenable!!!
    I don't know how you wild and crazy Canadians do it....

  8. Frogdancer: oooh, sorry. A sensitive issue?! Freezing is 0C. I could only wish for a winter such as yours. And I often do.
    Puddles, eh!!

  9. Crystal: you are welcome.

    Ruth: you are also welcome, and you see it is true when I say: "I am kind. Sometimes".

  10. Citizen: thank you

    Whim: yes, it's hard to believe isn't it!! thank you.

  11. My daughter lived in Australia for a year and a half and she told us, in the winter it got down to 15 deg C. and she had to wear a jacket.. I laughed and said well lots of times in the summer it is the same temperature here...I told her,"pardon me for not feeling sorry!!!"

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  13. Wonderful post, congrats on receiving the award and many thanks for bestowing it on me *blushing* Yes, I'm happily chasing my dream and enjoying every minute of it, well, most of it hahahaha

  14. ooops, double post so deleted the first acceptance speech. Blogger is not functioning too well today :)

  15. WOW! Thank you! Now I will have to figure out how to construct a digital mantle to proudly display it on. Your blog is certainly award-winning and lots and lots of FUN to read. Congrats to you. I just told my wife that I am now an award-winning blogger. She rolled her eyes and hit me with a pillow. Thanks again!

  16. congrats on your first blog award - may it be the first of many.


  17. Ah, that is so sweet of all of you. Thanks. I'm enjoying the recognition...and attention.


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