Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Cat's Love

Pet me, pet me.

Right here, right behind the ear. Oh that's good. Don't stop. Under the chin, oh yessss. Keep going. Keep.... okay, that's enough.

Jumps off lap, shakes herself vigorously to let loose hair fly. Rubs herself down along side of chesterfield to get rid of more hair then turns around to deal with the other side.

Nice kitty.

Jumps back up on lap.

Pet me, pet me. [Pulls hand toward forehead with paws.]

Right there, on top of my head. Oohh, that's lovely. Here, let me give you a hug and drape as much of my hot, heavy, furry body around you as possible in gratitude.

Oh dear, is that a bead of sweat I see?

Let me get that for you. And there's more. I'll just lick it all off, shall I? Move your arm a bit and let me in.

What? What did I do?

Pet me. Pet me.

Not there. Oh, nevermind. I'll just go back to bed and sleep for a bit.


  1. You are being used.

    Yep. You are.

  2. Do you know my cat? You've just described her... lol

  3. Bazel Cat: Okay...she's not paying attention and I see her delicious naked arm just resting there on the back of the sofa...POUNCE..gnaw, gnaw, gnaw...OW! Now, why is she pushing me away and screaming? Doesn't she know that hurts my delicate ears?...Oh, wait..I see a naked foot...(licks lips several times in anticipation)

  4. Jazz: yep, and loving it. most of the time.

    UA: are all cats related?

    XUP: a particular delicacy are toes.

  5. Typical cat
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