Thursday, July 17, 2008

New 7 Wonders/Nature vote #4 of 7

After that visit to Ha Long, well, so many of my other choices just didn't measure up anymore. So I came home to think on it some more. And I decided the best place to think would be not in my corner of the lake near Niagara Falls, but in Gwen's backyard on the Bay of Fundy. This measures up very well indeed.

Forever restless, the Bay of Fundy tides are in constant motion. As life ebbs and flows just beneath the surface, tidal waters rise and fall and the shoreline continually evolves. This is the intrigue and uniquenss of the Bay of Fundy, where the highest tides in the world wash the shores twice daily...exposing life, creating life, sustaining life.

Bay of Fundy
CANADA The Bay of Fundy is renowned for having the highest tides on the planet (16.2 metres or 53 feet). One hundred billion tonnes of sea water flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy twice daily – more water than the combined flow of all the world’s fresh water rivers. Fundy’s extreme tides create a dynamic and diverse marine ecosystem. The Bay is also renowned for its coastal rock formations, extreme tidal effects (vertical, horizontal, rapids and bores) and sustainable coastal development. It is also a critical international feeding ground for migratory birds, a vibrant habitat for rare and endangered Right whales, one of the world’s most significant plant and animal fossil discovery regions. The Bay of Fundy is located between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on North America’s east coast.

Current rank: 179

Visit this interactive video to watch the tide speeded up or you could visit in real time and watch the tide rise at a rate of between six to eight feet an hour, for 6 hours and 13 minutes.


  1. I love the bay of Fundy. As a kid we lived in Nova Scotia and our parents often took us up there.

  2. Ohh, that photo is spectacular, imagine being there. Yes, I am ALWAYS jealous of Gwen's location.

  3. I was there on a family trip when I was ten, I think it is time I went back for another look.

    ...though I am not jealous of all that FOG!!

  4. hey I know this place!! Great highlight and write up!

    This photo is the Hopewell Rocks and they are called the flowerpot rocks.. I still can't understand how they stay up... As the bird flies or the kayak paddles they are straight up the bay from us... we are at the mid-way point..

  5. Gwen: I looked up your village on a map and wasn't sure how close you were to these. Kayak, hmm...

  6. hey sanna, I think we are about 100 km. by crow or whale.

  7. Gwen, I'll take the whale - scared of heights!


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