Thursday, July 10, 2008


And here I was wondering where everyone had gone.
Are they all LIVING a life, instead of writing about stuff to entertain me?
Turns out my RSS feeder is not updating as it should.
It is my feeder that is ignoring us.
So, if some of you were wondering where I was, I'm right here. Waiting.
Well shortly, I'll be off waiting out the afternoon on the patio at Pepperwood's having a drink and a bite of something tasty, watching the lake and the world go by.

See y'all later


  1. See, I don't put no stock in them new fangled contraptions like RSS. I just scroll through my blogroll like my forefathers did.

  2. Every once in a while a blog seems to disappear form my google reader. Still, I love it - so much easier than just checking blogs repeatedly. Like xup's forefathers did.

  3. What? it's supposed to tell you when a blog has been updated? The things you learn! Forgive me for being a wee bit (just a wee bit mind you lol) technology challenged. I don't mind doing the work :)

  4. UA: The RSS feeds get bold when there's an update. I liked that.
    So I have switched to the bloglist thingy which says how long ago a blog was updated.

    XUP: My computer is too slow and I am too impatient.

    Citizen: My forefathers would have nipped out to the pub. (which you'll notice I did!)

    Whim: I did.


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