Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Canada

um, are all the beer stores closed, then?


  1. You've got my wishes.... and I've got your picture on my desktop!

  2. yeah beer stores are closed eh?

    I made sure I bought enough wine myself yesterday :) But before I open one, I plan on going out on my bike. Beautiful day today.

  3. Take off, to the great white north...

    I went to Toronto once on Canada Day, not realizing it was Canada day. Mistake. Everything was way too crowded. But, my best memory of Toronto was going to Cirque Du Soleil back in 2000 before they became a Vegas showpiece, under the tent at the CNE.

    Last time there was about 3-4 years ago, saw a preview of "Hairspray." great show, nice seafood restaurant, really need to get back there.

  4. Mr Night: Yeah, too bad about the ferry thing, eh? What hosers, eh?
    We could be travelling back and forth and drinking on deck instead of wasting gas.

    Though, Cirque is worth the gas anytime.

    UA: Hope you enjoy the day off, you need the break form work.

    Robin: And soon it'll be your turn for that needed day off

    Beaver's a cutie, isn't he?

  5. "Mr Night: Yeah, too bad about the ferry thing, eh? What hosers, eh?
    We could be travelling back and forth and drinking on deck instead of wasting gas."

    Well, I'll tell you a thing about that ferry. It was a great idea that was totally screwed by poor management. We really thought that when they ditched the original company that owned it and brought in the Canadian company that had ferry experience, that it would work better. They dropped the ball too.

    There is a lot of talk about a new, smaller ferry service starting up, but done by private money, no public funding whatsoever. No movement though just yet.

    Rochester is slowly reviving itself. People have started moving back into the downtown area, and there has been a shit load of new housing starts there. (Many condo and loft apartments being built or renovated.) There are also two new major business projects slated for the coming 2 years, and commercial property is being snapped up as well. Ask the locals though, and all they still do is say what a crappy town this is, when so much positive change is going on right under their noses. Ignorant twits!

    If this city does revive itself as I believe it is on course to, then that ferry may get another, more viable chance.

    Who knows, maybe we can have a blogmeet one of these days, eh?

  6. The media at the time did a great job of selling Rochester as a happening place full of great restaurants, waterfront, parks. Certainly made me want to visit. Toronto's politics didn't help either.

    I have often wondered how we could have a huge lake that is almost completely surrounded by cities on both sides of the border yet is so under utilized.

  7. There is a lot to do here, and coming from someone like myself, that grew up in NYC, that is saying a lot. If you are bored here, you only have yourself to blame. ;-)

    The arts are huge here, lots of theatre, (I act in local professional and semi-pro theatre) music is a big deal, especially with the Eastman School of Music located here. The jazz fest that just happened a week or so ago keeps drawing more and more people every year, with big acts.


  8. Happy Birthday, Canada, and Canadian friend!

    I love your new header image!!

  9. Ruth: Thanks! And I found this painting on a Russian blog while absentmindedly clicking on 'next blog' one afternoon. I've included his name on a sidebar. Could not figure out how to contact him at the time.

    Mr Night: The last time I remember being in Rochester there was a circus we didn't know about and we encountered some elephants walking down the street. We were impressed! If you can top that with your theatre, let me know!!

  10. Yes, Happy Canada Day!

    Great photo!


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