Monday, June 30, 2008

*spoiler alert*

Sometimes being addicted to certain Great British Dramas can be hazardous to ones nerves. Most of the episodes are shown in Canada weeks or months later than in the UK, and I foolishly keep reading entertainment news on the internet. Forgetting about the serious *spoiler alert* that follows.

Now, I already get Corrieblog sent to me by email. And, yes, I do read the episode updates. So I already know about future births and deaths and leavings. I've gotten used to and almost like those spoilers and am prepared for Vera. (And as for that other one, for my Brit friends to understand how bad this gets - Nana Moon has just died!)

But today, I was absent-mindedly reading the Guardian Homepage and right there, on the right hand side, was "Tennant Evicted" Dr Who? A new Doctor!?? Say it isn't so! I anxiously opened the link and with a slight sense of dread, read that the weekend's cliffhanger could mean this was Tennant's last stand. He was exterminated by a dalek as he rushed to be reunited with Rose. The universe was falling apart.
There's rumours galore.
James Nesbitt? Robert Carlysle? Christopher Ecclestone returning for a special?
David Tennant not really leaving?
A woman Doctor?
Who is Donna?

OMG We are so far behind.

There are already over 200 comments on the article.
Dr Who fans are very prolific. And ardent. And opinionated. And oh, so picky. They pay very close attention to every detail. They know who directed or wrote every episode. Comparisons are made. Criticisms are levied. Seriously. They are also very entertaining.

You've been warned.


  1. Serious Corrie fan here, my week is not complete without my fix. I used to watch it every night but running has changed that. Don't want to miss any so I wait till Sunday morning. I've been watching it since 1991.

    Some characters have definitely grown on me. Some I can't stand, some I was happy to see go, some I am very sad to know they will leave (like Vera). How will Jack cope? The new ones are not always easy to get used to. I love Corrie...

    I also peek ahead sometimes :) Hard not to given we're 9 months behind the UK. Wonder how it will be after the Olympics. I hope they don't cut off the Sunday morning broadcast otherwise, you'll have a very unhappy bunch of viewers in Canada!

  2. Ha! I've been watching Corrie since sometime in the early 1970s. I like to know what's going to happen so I can do other stuff while the show is on and I can just tune in for the big dramas. I think I liked the show a lot better back when the big dramas were every day stuff instead of some of the Hollywoodesque storylines they've got going now. Ah well, can't stop watching anyway.

  3. While I have never been hooked on Dr. Who, I am a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, and now have to wait until early next year for the finale to come around! They found Earth, it is wrecked, and we want to know why!!!


  4. Night: I have never watched Battlestar Galactica. But I think I'd probably get right into it if I gave it a try.

    XUP & UA: I like being able to do other things while it's on too, so knowing the plot helps. I've been watching since the 70's and I agree that it has become more 'americanized'.
    I think CBC has learned, the hard way, and this is the only show that is not pre-empted.

  5. Violet - Do you have Netflix up there? Rent the miniseries first, then season 1.


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