Tuesday, June 3, 2008

and by the way, I'm feeling better

5 Reasons To Not Stay Inside House

Monday: fire alarm testing

Tuesday: internet is soooo verrrry slow.

Wednesday: hydro will be off in the afternoon so city can test oil??

Thursday: water shutdown in building for repairs to aging pipes

Friday: expected humidex of 40C


  1. 5 reasons to not stay in the house:

    Monday: Work
    Tuesday: Work
    Wednesday: Work
    Thursday: Work
    Friday: Work


  2. am pleased you're feeling better
    I'm off shopping for my daughters school trip... the house is no more than a dumping ground some days!

  3. Ditto what jazz said. Except that I had 2 afternoon off this week. Went to an art exhibit last night. Food and drinks were divine!

    Back to work today :(

  4. I am lucky enough to have my daytime free to escape whatever tirade is going on in my building. Usually though, I'd rather be sleeping. Unless it is sunny.


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