Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

Am off to have a weep into my Heineken.

Russia 3 Netherlands 1


  1. have a nice time. pity i dont drink

  2. Sandy: That's not a bad thing.
    I'd had a bad day, topped by my team losing. Every now and then it just feels necessary. It helped.

  3. I'm not sure what we're weeping for, but I'll be happy to cry along for the Heineken.

  4. I was stunned, shocked and depressed. All my favourite teams are dropping out like mad. If this continues, I'll be watching the final as a neutral observer.

    What the heck happened to the Dutch?? They were fabulous in the group stage!!

    Of Germany, Turkey, Russia and Spain, who's your favourite now?

  5. Citizen: we are weeping for a soccer game. I know, I know. My friends here smile indulgently at me as well. But you're right, it's worth a Heinie, ya?

    Kinga: I had such hopes for the Dutch return to glory. My underdog team has been Turkey. And the Russians played so well...

    One of the pleasures I have of watching this and the World Cup, is that I don't really care who wins, though as time goes on I get my faves and then they do something stupid...

    I understand Canada is doing very well in the CONCACAF (World Cup 2010 qualifying) and has advanced with the first chance of getting to the World Cup since 1984. Of course, none of that is televised.


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