Sunday, June 29, 2008

doleful cows

Ben & Jerry's is on sale!

and what is everyone's favourite flavour?
(does anyone know where Vermonty Python slithered off to? haven't found it in a long time)

New 6 week diet starts tomorrow.


  1. Chunky Monkey is my favorite although must say that when I "discovered" Ben & Jerry about 10 yrs ago when I went to New York State, my favorite was double pistachio. But it's difficult to find here and Chunky Monkey became my favorite.

    Speaking of which... mmm.... I feel a craving coming up :)

  2. Fortinos (Loblaws)
    Haagen Daz is also on sale (3.99)

  3. oh my they do a double pistachio? must look for it..soon...

  4. Rainbow: us here in Canada and you in UK miss out on so many different flavours. It is worth a trip to Vermont!

  5. Chunky Monkey is the best!!

  6. My fave - Chunky Monkey didn't have enough chunky in it. So have picked up another carton.


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