Sunday, June 22, 2008

what is in my fridge

I have always wanted a Smeg Refrigerator.

I don't believe I have ever seen one in real life.

But every time I see one in any of the UK design magazines I am addicted to, I drool.
Swoon, even.
And dream.

My small windowless kitchen would be transformed with such an aesthetic beauty gracing the corner.

Its rounded curves and luscious handle, its sleek 50's design would be perfect for a 1962 kitchen.

However, I do not have one of these.
I do at least have a frost free model with a separate freezer.

And it was desperately needing a bit of a clear out I realized, when I bought a tub of ice cream that wouldn't fit in the freezer even after the bag of chicken legs fell out. And those three cartons of juice that were on special? Not a chance unless the containers of unidentified fuzzy stuff were removed, along with the carton of eggs I'd completely forgotten about. There's more, but I won't bore you, or demoralize myself with the details.
I do believe you can tell something about a person by what is in their fridge. Some people are very private and do not like you helping yourself. Me, I love to snoop.
So one hour later all is in order.
What is left is the following:
1 litre of milk
3 750g containers of yogourt
1 tub cream cheese
1 jar mayonnaise
2 1lb butter
1 lime shaped bottle RealLime 1 lemon shaped bottle RealLemon
1 container store bought salad
6 small packets salad dressing
2 pints raspberries (each partialy eaten already) 1 pint blueberries
9 strawberries
1 jar Presidents Choice Butter Chicken sauce
3 1.89litres of Tropicana Juice (on sale 3/$5)
1 bottle V8
1 bottle POM juice (like the glass, hate the juice, saving to offer guest?)
1 jar peach preserves, 1 jar grapefruit marmalade
2 bottles flavoured maple syrup (blueberry, apple)
1 jug Brita water
1 jar pesto, 1 bottle HP sauce
1 bottle pomegranate paste, 2 jars curry paste
1 jar mango chutney, 1 jar banana chutney
2 red peppers, 1 head broccoli, 3 carrots
1 package Olivieri pasta
1 container freshly made tuna salad
2 tetrapak of wine (individual servings, so cute, so perfect)

And the Tupperware containers are soaking in the sink.
For another day.

I'm having ice cream.
And marinating chicken legs.


  1. Yes, my wife did ours last week - it can be quite the enlightening experience!

    Being a man, my knowledge of fridge freezers is somewhat limited, but even I secretly admire the Smeg Refridgerator...the problem is, due to its huge holding capacity, you would never feel the need to clean it out. Until things began crawling out of their own accord of course...

  2. I do too covet the Smeg fridge. But, the freezer section is just a tad too small for us and the price is way too high for us.

    We're going on holidays in a couple of weeks and your post reminded me that we'll need to clear out the fridge before we do that. :)

    Mmmmm...flavoured maple syrup...mmmm

  3. Hi Kinga: thanks for stopping by (cannot access your blog, but that's okay - always curious to know where in the world people are).

    Anyway, I'm don't think these are even available in Canada, and yes, I've seen the prices in BPS so I know how expensive they are.

    Flavoured maple syrup is luxurious.

    Yellerbelly: so Kinga says freezer too small, and you say too big??

  4. My wife turned our kitchen into a 1950's diner with old menus for wallpaper, red neon and coke signs (God help us if we ever have to seel this house)---I now know that if I showed her this Smeg refridgerator she too would have Smeg envy!

  5. Under There: I love your wife! Well, y'know. And this comes in RED!

  6. Cleaning the fridge is one of my least favorite things to do. It comes right behind cleaning the bathroom. I did get it done, however, when the flood of June 9 left my neighborhood without power for over 48 hours. I just pulled the trash can over and started tossing. And I would love a smaller fridge with less room for stuff to sit and mold.

  7. miwise: yes, it ranks (pun intended) up there with cleaning the oven. and a smaller fridge does have its advantages. sorry you had to toss so much out though.


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