Tuesday, June 3, 2008

on being missed

Well, well.

I had been ignoring the phone calls for weeks. Every time I saw that name come up on call display, I just let it ring into exhaustion. Finally, I decided to put an end to it.

I even told him he was being silly before I hung up. In desperation. It was the only way to get rid of him. And he wasn't really saying anything that made me want to talk to him.

He said he missed me. Several times he said that. I was a part of the family and he would do anything to get me back. As a member of the family, apparently he felt he had to ask what I needed from them. Why did I leave? What can we, as your family for so long, do to get you back? Again, he missed me. Everyone at Bell missed me. Presumably Frank and Gordon missed me too, as I'd been getting weekly postcards from the Official Bell Spokesbeavers. I was in the camp that thought Frank and Gordon were great. When they were on TV. Then they became unfunny. So now the postcards were just kind of annoying. And the constant phone calls from a phone company were also kind of annoying.

I've heard tales of woe about this family. So many warnings. My contact with them was limited. No internet. No long distance. No fancy add ons. Oh, except for call display, so I can ignore them. Just basic phone service. And yet, he misses me.

I want flowers every year for my birthday. Presents. Not cards from beavers.

Afterwards, I felt sad for the poor sod whose job it was to phone strangers up and tell them he misses them. Still, I had to tell him how silly he sounded.

Today, I get a cheque in the mail. A refund for the remainder of the month I abandonned their service..


Bell Canada is great, isn't it?


  1. Don't get me started on Bell. After a week they still haven't sorted out what the problem is with internet at the office. Family my fat ass.

    Or at any rate a highly dysfuctional one.

  2. I've had the same pathetic, clumsy wooing from Bell experience. I dumped them and then I start getting all the cute postcards and offers. Just like the useless boyfriend who doesn't start acting nice or interested until you dump his ass. Tsk tsk

  3. Wow... I never get phone calls from them begging me to come back to them. Maybe it's because I left them over 5 yrs ago?

    I do, however, get TONS of calls from the little red company (Rogers) telling me I am simply not living well because I don't have a land line! Yeah right...

  4. HD: I like that "little red company". Unfortunately (??) that's who I switched to, but they haven't been a problem so far. I can always switch around to someone else next year. I aim for the deals


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