Friday, June 6, 2008

and now the weather

Apparently, according to the news people on TV, a most wondrous event has happened in our area. Apparently, some of us thought this day would never arrive. The weather people are delirious. One of them is even in shorts and a ridiculous shirt.

SUMMER is here.

Now, finally, [said the announcers breathlessly] it is time to get yourselves outdoors. To the beach. To a patio. To walk the dog. To get out of those oppressive winter clothes.

Excuse me, random person on the street being interviewed, but have we not just had the most impressive SPRING ever?? When do we get to experience SPRING? Usually it is for about a day and a half. Then we are hit with a wall of humidity and haze and heat. Surely, over the past few weeks, you could still enjoy yourselves outdoors without wearing layer upon layer of clothing.

I have been on a patio. And enjoyed the longlasting and abundant display of flowers blooming - we still have tulips not past their prime along with the newer crop of lilacs, irises and peonies. All because of the cooler days (okay, and the amount of snow we had over the winter).

But really, wasn't it refreshing to have days where you weren't wilting? Days when the sweat didn't run down your back making you feel squirmy and uncomfortable? And damp? Days when you could still feel, or smell, as fresh as a spring flower? Days when your hair didn't look drastically different in the office than in the bathroom of your home?

Days when you weren't exposing pasty bits of flesh, blinding others as they try to avert their eyes from your naked limbs.

Okay. I'll stop now. I am obviously not a fan of summer.
Just the fans of summer.

We are expected to have a hot summer. Oh really? When have we NOT had a HOT summer.

Really, as exciting and dramatic as weather can be, this is not new.


Already I'm feeling irritable over the humidity.

Yesterday it was a cool 12C-17C
Today it is 32C
With a humidex of +40C


  1. I so agree with you! I'm not really a fan of summer either, I'm not a sun worshipper, I wilt in too much sun, heat, humidity. Find me a nice shady spot and I'm there for a while.

    I always remind people that summer doesn't offically arrive for another 2 weeks so right now, we're into SPRING!!!! Bring on the peonies, late tulips, lilac :) I love spring flowers...

    But to me, although I do enjoy the summer and the opportunity it gives me to go out on my bike, I'd rather be inside where it's cool and nice. And it's not because I don't want to change color, I embrace my whiteness. I don't want a tan, it's burned skin! Since when is burned skin considered healthy?

    I'll get off my soapbox... and get a drink, I hear it's going to be a hot summer :)

  2. humidity kills me...
    but I do like the idea of summer...
    reality is always slightly different though!
    I know it's here when I get hayfever and it's unbearable.. and when the ants are rife and the stinging insects all arrive...

    but it is still lovely to have long days with the family that we don't get other times...

  3. Ah you people need to spend a few years in a coastal province. After 9 years in Halifax, I'm deliriously happy with hot, hot weather, humidity, whatever. Bring it on. Spend nine years in cold to cool dampness and you'll welcome heat and sunshine. I revel in my sticky skin. Maybe in a few years not so much, but now? It's wonderful

  4. Try working in a garden center. Not sure I'll ever do it again....

  5. But i think still u r lucky. Summers on a peak here.
    temp today 45C
    Relative humidy 63%

  6. Sandy: I don't know how you can stand it.

    Robin: for many reasons, I'm sure.
    Can you not have water fights to let off "steam"?

    XUP: I also noticed the weather map was all red (hotter than usual) in the middle of the country and a bit of yellow (cooler than usual) at the ends with white (frost?!!) at the extreme ends. Made the map of Canada look rather like a flag.

    Rainbow & HD: I also like the idea of summer and have lots of plans to bike and hike etc, then wimp out because of the heat. But I do like a tan - if I ever get one.

  7. Yes, it's suddenly so hot and humid. But you're right, it was the most splendid spring in my memory, just perfect. And all the flowering things are so prolific here this year, maybe it's the same in Ontario.

    Thanks for coming to Synchronizing!

  8. I live near Chiaago awaiting a tornado approachingMy bunker will stand it. It was in 90s nhere and like jungle

  9. Well, I happen to be a fan of Summer---EXCEPT: I don't like Humidity! No, No, No! Do not like it at all!
    I think my good feelings about Summer are still----believe it or not---A carry over from my youth when School was out and I knew I could do whatever I wanted for 2 1/2 months...No getting up at the crack of dawn; no homework; no tests; lots of swimming and sun, though I really don't swim anymore and NEVER sit out in the sun as I did back in the day....Also, I do prefer the Warmer weather as oppossed to the Cold. It's one of the things that is so vert appealing about Southern California. We do have rather strange weather here in May & June, as a rule.....Overcast and rather cool...They call it May/June Gloom...And it is often strange but I will take that over Very Cold OR Very Humid, any day.

  10. I'm not a sun worshiper as HD says, but I'm thrilled it's finally hot. As much as I loathe being cold I love the heat. Yes, I'm hot and all, but it just doesn't affect me negatively. I must have lived in tropical climes in another life, and I was bad and they sent me to cold cold Canada to pay for it. Karma's a bitch.

  11. Why can't we all live on Vancouver Island?


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