Friday, June 20, 2008

hats off to ASCOT

The Queen and Princess Beatrice look rather subdued in their attire


Wild as ever were the hats at Ladies Day at Royal Ascot.

Really, isn't this more entertaining than the actual race?
Does anybody know who won?

The day has evolved into a no-holds-barred battle for attention from the crème
de la crème of British high society, those with the time and the money to spend
months planning their outfits. Top designers were employed, and few seemed
daunted by a Royal Ascot edict designed to limit the amount of flesh on display.

Responding to an alarming trend of revealing fashions in recent years —
cover that shoulder, dear! — race organizers asked women not to wear skirts that
were too short, tops that were too revealing, or contemporary fashions that
exposed the tummy.

Spaghetti straps were definitely out — dress straps
were expected to be one inch (2.5-centimeters) wide. And there was a warning
about fake tans.

No one even addressed the question of naval piercings,
exposed tattoos or ankle bracelets. But a slightly tongue in cheek advisory did
suggest that women wear outfits that covered up their underwear, while men were
told to make sure their zippers were done up to avoid a "schoolboy error" that
might ruin their whole outfit.

The unusual fashion edicts were an
attempt to keep the recent trend toward skimpy tops, exposed bras and tiny
skirts from migrating from the streets of London into the royal enclosure where
the queen — a devoted fan of horse-racing — entertains each year.
(from The International Herald tribune)

PS It was a 6 year old named YEATS who won the Gold Cup for the
second year in a row, by 1 1/2 lengths. He failed miserably in the Melbourne Cup
last year, but after this, his spirits are high and he may give the two-mile
race another attempt in November.


  1. Gotta love the Brits and their sense of decorum. Indeed keep that zipper up boy! lol

    These hats are as wild as ever. Especially the Blue Cheese. yum, wonder if it was real? Can you imagine the stench by the end of the day or everyone helping themselves to it? She should carry crackers!

    The last one is ewww though. OMG and that outfit? First time Lizzie looks fashionable in that crowd!

  2. Definitely more entertaining, in a cringe-inducing sort of way.

  3. I kind of liked (in a cringe-inducing way) the hats with the feathers and ribbons of old - now they are getting awfully silly (blue cheese?) and I didn't include the one with the toilet on it!

  4. When did women stop wearing hats and why? They're so awesome.

  5. XUP: probably about the same time our posture went to hell (speaking generally, of course)

  6. I wonder how many bees wanted to pollinate after seeing the bottom red one? Not to mention the effect it had on me!

  7. Under: you noticed her underwear wasn't showing!

  8. My neck hurts looking at some of those hats. How can they keep their heads up?

  9. Just as well hats don't suit me ;)

  10. Phenomenal hats... What a day for the designers!!! and the onlookers!!!

  11. These are just FANTASTIC! I've never seen any of these fabulous Ascpt Day Hats before....Oh My! And how creative everryone is...I LOVE The Blue Cheese or Roquefort! These are such fun...Thank You!


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