Friday, June 27, 2008

a long weekend (of sorts)

You know how sometimes, when you finally get to bed and you know you are really only going to have a nap because you don't have more than 4 hours to sleep before you have to get up again, and you set your alarm, but mysteriously wake up an hour before the alarm goes off? And how you've really only been asleep for a short while, yet somehow feel so very refreshed, as if you actually had slept for 8 hours?

You lie in bed, thinking, my God, but that was a good sleep.

Then immediately think, my God, but it is too early to get up.

Then ... COFFEE.

Then you immediately fall back to sleep.

And wake up with the alarm a few minutes later.

And feel like shit, as if you've overslept by 4 hours.

Yeah. That's how my day began.

And has anyone wondered about how the stat holiday [weekends] have become so generically referred to as simply The Long Weekend?
Even this weekend. Which is Canada Day. On TUESDAY.
So, the holiday weekend is Saturday, Sunday ... and Tuesday?
Does that mean a lot of people are taking Monday off as well?
Or having a Long Weekend Interruptus?
I'm now heading to the generically named Beer Store. Haven't decided what beer to get, probably some Lowenbrau to celebrate Germany on Sunday. And then search for umlauts.


  1. Of course, everyone's taking Monday off -- a lot of people are even taking Friday off. Go Germany! Enjoy your Lowenbrau -- although there are some much better imported German options out there. Rauchbier is awesome with some good old BBQ or for every day drinking Warsteiner Lager is indescribably delicious

  2. XUP: of course everyone in Ottawa is taking Monday off and at least leaving early on Friday!! I've not heard of those other beers, but will look out for them on your recommendation.

  3. We still have a week to go for ours, but, I have to work that night. I'll have to watch the fireworks from my window.

    Yes I know what you mean about those short, refreshing sleeps, and when I have one, I'll let you know.

  4. we're on a normal weekend but enjoy yours..:) will be thinking of you, x

  5. That's what I admire about people that do night shifts. How do you maintain a regular sleep pattern? Your body requires rest and (according to mine) about 8 hours a night. It must be extremely exhausting.

    (Not that I get it with two kids in the house!)

  6. Oh yes, I can relate to that! Happens to me many times.

    I don't think I've ever referred to July 1st as the long weekend though. Just a day off. And yes, I'm working Monday but I could have taken that day as vacation.

    Viva Espana!

  7. UA: and I rarely refer to it as Canada Day (when speaking), I still prefer Dominion Day, though I usually say July 1st Weekend.

    night: I have to work every night... though at least not all night.

    and yeller: I have no routine, absolutely none and yes, it is exhausting.

  8. It is just a regular sized weekend here...and Monday...The SEWER on my street is going to be worked on and we won't be able to use out Toilets/Showers,Sinks/Washing Machines, etc. from 9am to 4pm....HELP ME!

    I think Kitty Litter is going to come in very very handy for me on Monday! LOL!

    Have a GREAT L-O-N-G weekend and Thanks o Much for yoyr sweet Birthday was a GREAT DAY!

  9. Oldlady: makes sense then to stay cool and hydrated by eating popsicles.


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