Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am distracted so easily

I saw these new bags from ESPE and fell in love. Again. Every season they bring out a new whimsical style. And I think I must have one. Again.

Now, my cell phone pleaded for its own little purse, but I held my ground.
And bought one of these instead.

Just to keep my credit cards from crying.


  1. love love love the crimson bag! Ohhhhh I'm tempted! My cell phone would love that little carrier, it doesn't quite like my pocket :)

    I'm sure your credit cards thank you for getting them such a stylish place to rest lol

  2. Yes, the crimson one is best! I may have to keep visiting the shop until the bag decides it owns me.

  3. Oh yeah, the crimson bag.


  4. I believe there’s a big fat bag conspiracy going on and we’re helpless in its wake. All the bags everywhere are so gorgeous and so functional. I feel a yearning need to buy every one I see. I already have lots and lots of bags, but they now seem ugly and dysfunctional by comparison. I need some sort of support group to stop these bad, bad bag cravings.

  5. Oh yes, I agree totally. Even I am needing help and I am not even a BAG LADY. I almost never carry a purse, except in summer when I have no pockets. But I see these gorgeouse creatures and I MUST HAVE.


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