Wednesday, June 11, 2008

there's a reason for everything

Normal Service Will Resume .....

For anyone seriously interested,
here is the link to the official Euro2008 website.


  1. Are you telling me I'm not the only person (along with Mr. Jazz) in North America who loves me my Euro and my World Cup???

  2. Oh my word, no.

    During the World Cup, I wanted to join the throngs with a flag for my car. I didn't care what country. I eventually settled for Ghana (in support of the underdog and a Ghanian friend). Here's hoping they make it in 2010!

  3. ha! You beat me to it... ahem, Jazz, you forgot about little moi :)

    During World Cup, I had 2 flags coming out of my backpack, Brazil and French. I do like the Brazilian team, what can I say? I was totally and utterly crushed when France lost. I can't wait till 2010!

  4. and were you as excited when France won? Between that and Ricky Martin's totally upbeat cannot-sit-still-and-I-dare-you-not-to-chant-along theme song, it was a glorious summer that year!

  5. A quick note from Poland...

    Things are crazy here with the football. We would like to watch the Poland v Austria match tomorrow in one of the local parks for the atmosphere on one of the giant screens, but we have been told that getting to the bar or to the toilets is completely off limits during the match due to the sheer number of people that turn out.

    The support and hope that is openly being shown for Poland is admirable. Flags are literally everywhere. After Germany's win, I really wish Poland luck in the next game.

    And what a refreshing change not having to deal with the mentality of the English football fans!

  6. yellerbelly: My family is from Glasgow...
    be very glad no Rangers fans are around!! (no one of my clan was involved!)

    Good Luck to Poland - why should Austria win, they haven't so far ;)

  7. violetsky, ah yes, it was indeed *insert dreamy look* I remember many a good times watching the games :)

    I also remember reading about England having a surge in electricity at half-time, everyone was putting the kettle on! lol

  8. I like World and Euro soccer, too. I’m not a big sports fan, but these are fun series to follow.

  9. XUP: strangely, I am not a sports fan either, but these are my two must see events. I guess I like the international competition and these have replaced the Olympics for me.

  10. I am not a sports fan, but world class soccer is something I simply adore.

    I was in France when they won the cup in 98 and it was awesome. As for their loss last time, I sat in the bar and cried for half an hour.

    Oh, and sorry UA, I should have mentioned you.

    Go Portugal and Turkey! (My Euro love and my underdog pick)

  11. This is all completely Foreign to me, I am sorry to say...I guess I'm not very "with it"!

    And you are right about what you said to me: I DO get GREAT Pleasure in sharing the pictures I take of the Beautiful Wildlife around my House! It is so Magical!

  12. oldold lady: I would never think you were "not with it" - I seem to have many friends and acquaintances who think it a little strange that I am watching soccer.

    I am, however, surprised that there are so many other 'soccer fans' who are not 'sports fans' (XUP & Jazz)!! I wonder what it is that attract us to this sport, but no other?

  13. In answer to your question V:

    It's quite simply the game of course. I love soccer because:

    Unlike hockey people don't endlessly beat each other over the head.

    Unlike baseball something actually happens (although the argument in north america is that it's too slow - obviously they've never really watched a game)

    Unlike football. You can actually SEE the boys. The hot hot boys...

    And I really don't see the point to the "there aren't enough goals" argument. The great thing about soccer is watching them get there.

    There's a reason it's the number 1 sport in the world.

    OK, off my soapbox.

  14. violetsky, for me, what attracts me to football/soccer is pretty much in line with what Jazz said. It's a beautiful sport, these guys are total athletes and you never, ever see a 300 lbs guy on that field pretending to call himself an athlete like football players do in North America. Sorry but a mass of quivering flesh/fat is not athletic to me.

    I love watching the fancy footwork they do, it's like a ballet, it's also very much a team sport and as Jazz also said, they don't endlessly beat each other up, there's a higher sportsmanship, most of the time anyway.

    And they're hot :) let's not forget that... *insert dreamy eyes and goofy smile*

  15. Jazz & UA: Yup, all the same points I brought forward last night during a long discussion on the merits of the game. No convert, sadly.

  16. violetsky, I've given up trying to convert people :) I finally realized that football/soccer might be just a bit too sophisticated for the average North American sports fan, err... viewer ;)

  17. UA: yes, I should give up too, not least because I have only a vague understanding of the rules! But, listening to Dick Howard and Craig Forest on TSN - they don't understand them either!!

  18. thanks for the link. but i seldom watch football except may be world cup. in india there's craze about cricket.

  19. Sandy: Now there's a sport I truly do not understand! I was good friends with a cricketer once and went to his games (which, truth be told, I had no idea we even had cricket teams in Toronto!) but he could never get me excited about it, nor could he explain what was happening. I did love the picnics while watching the games though!

    I have friends from Sri Lanka who pay extra for a specialty cricket channel on TV and watch it constantly - old, and current matches.


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