Thursday, June 19, 2008

getting all dolled up

I received this email this morning.

Now, I am not overly concerned about this

but really, are these changes not a little bit disturbing?

I feel sorry for the poor calico cat getting turfed for a CELL PHONE!!

From Ralph & Terry Kovel, the Antique Collectors:

Strawberry Shortcake, who moved to Hasbro from American Greetings this month, is a doll from the 1980s. She and her other fruit-scented friends have been given total makeovers. Strawberry has had a face lift, lip plumping, freckle removal, and a nose job. She also has longer hair, a dye job, green eyes, and a new wardrobe from Juicy Couture. Will collectors think she is the same doll?

Now, my very FIRST THOUGHT on seeing this was

Strawberry Shortcake is an ANTIQUE?

For further news on this and other doll makeovers see this story from the NY Times.

and I have been honoured by a link of the day from Dr John
I'm off to have a wander over there and continue reading~


  1. Sigh. I was already grown when Strawberry Shortcake hit the scene, so it's very strange to me to think it's considered old-fashioned and in need of updating.

  2. Yes, I also was 'all grown up' and have no little girls close to me so am not even that familiar with her and her friends.

    You bring up an interesting thought: something that made its name by being deliberatly 'old-fashioned' is now too 'old-fashioned'

  3. Take away those freckles, terrible. I like the "old" doll my daughter has

  4. My daughter had Strawberry Shortcake dolls, I will tell her about this sad state of affairs that the accessory is a cell phone and not kitty!

    Sometimes marketing just drives me crazy.


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