Thursday, June 5, 2008

just one more pic....or two...for today

The chicks banded and named on June 2nd. Duncan, Miles, Blashill & Elstone

My how they have grown!

They can reach the ledge....and hop about...and flap.

Update: 4:20pm
These guys are being so active - much moreso than myself, who really must get some sleep soon.

Too much wine, then coffee last night, perhaps?


  1. Very Very Exciting! It is so sweet to be able to watch all of these wonderful birds as tiny fuzzy baby's and then see them grow and start to flap their wings and then...FLY! These pictures are GREAT!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    Yes, the webcams are a great idea. By the time they fly off on their own I will have become quite attached to them and will miss seeing the pics daily.

  3. Hi Violetsky, thank you visiting my blog, it's always lovely to welcome new readers/commenters. These pictures are fantastic. I shall show them to my husband later as he is the real bird lover in the family.

    Best wishes, Crystal xx

  4. Hi Crystal Jigsaw, thank you for stopping by. I enjoy your writing and learning about the lambs and farming. And seeing The Doctor every time I look in on your blog!

  5. How cool is that! I love webcams in nests.

    They've got to do that with hummingbirds one day.

  6. Oh my God....they're beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.

  7. Is this from the ones that are downtown? I see people stop at the corner of King/Toronto and stare upwards.

    Great pics :)

  8. duh... just saw it's Hamilton. Self... go get a drink, you need it! and stop leaving silly comments on other people's blogs lol

  9. HD: yes, these are from downtown Hamilton. There are falcons at the Sheraton in Toronto as well as at King and Yonge.

  10. so cute :) thanks for sharing them..


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