Sunday, July 27, 2008

stress busters

I am having a stressful weekend. I don't do stressful very well. I suck at it, actually.

In days past, when other people would be stuffing ice cream or chocolate or whatever into them to ease their stress, I was the opposite. The mere thought of food added to my woes.

So when, exactly, did that change?

I was very, very good though, when I went out this morning to restock my pantry. I sprinted right past the chips aisle (crisps, to you Brits). I ignored the cookies (biscuits, but the more fattening ones). And managed to escape the frozen cheesecake. I came out with a small bag of salad fixins'. And some very calorific hummus dip. Okay, maybe I was just one very good.

My way of dealing with stress is usually first to ignore it. Completely. When that fails to work, I move on to avoidance. Diversions are always good for awhile. I thought of watching The Canadian Open, which just happens to be just a ways down the highway from me (about 15km). So that sudden downpour of TORRENTIAL RAIN we had in these parts yesterday, that was an added, interesting diversion. Lasted for about an hour and a half here and knocked down a few tree limbs. Fortuitously, not the ones above my car.

So, for the record, besides eating my junk food stock, those magazines that were piling up? Gone. The socks all have mates. And the dud light bulbs in the lamps that don't get turned on much because it is summer and therefore not dark? All pitched and replaced and ready to go. The desk is cleared of paper. And I found my stapler. Just in case I ever need to staple my fingers as punishment, self-flagellation, for my sin of IGNORING things. Until it is almost too late.

It's not too late, is it?

Just how long should it take to get a new passport these days anyway?


  1. So does ignoring stress work?

    As for the passport, I know it can take up to 6 weeks in the US to get one.

  2. Yikes, stapling fingers? Hope the rest of your weekend is mellow!

  3. You consider hummus dip a sin? Gross. I would consider it a punishment. Go for a good old rich sour cream dip. At least you get some calcium that way. If you're going to sin, do it right!

    On a serious note, I'm like you: when I'm stressed I have no appetite at all. I never understood that whole chocolate and ice cream thing. I guess we're missing one of the basic girl genes.

  4. oh, VioletSky, I'm sorry. Your weekend sounds a lot like my today. Of course, I feel like I'm being punished for being productive because for every 1 thing I finish, two sprout up in it's place. and about eating away your stress, I didn't used to be like that either, but at one point, I also changed. Now that I'm consciously trying to be healthy, I bought celery and carrots the last time i was at the supermarket, and voila, good snacks... Again, we'll see how long that lasts...

  5. Well, you might not have your passport yet, but you have a cleaned up house...

    And since when is hummus a sin? It's perfectly good for you.

  6. Ah yes, stress. I'm getting better at dealing with stress but I still tend to live on tea only

    And hummus is not a sin. It's chickpeas grinded into a paste. Very good for you. Crackers on the other hand... that's why I'll use carrots or any other vegetable.

    I believe you can get your passport in about 10-15 days. That is if you go to the passport office and have all documentation and it's pretty straightforward. Try applying for a business visa...

  7. Ya, okay, so hummus isn't sinful. It was the flavoured stuff though and I added sour cream to it. Does that count? The crunchy veggies felt good though.

  8. You are quite productive during stress. I find that is what I do too. I get really busy cleaning up something. At least while you're stressed the house looks better.

    Won't comment on the passport here since I did on the more recent post. I'm crossing everything!

  9. I think we have a lot in common. :) As for the passport, it took a friend of mine 8 weeks I think.

  10. Drowsey: thanks for visiting, but please don't tell me any horror stories!! or at least save them until after I've got mine back, lol


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