Saturday, July 12, 2008

humidity rising

Need to get me some of this

I have spent more than 8 months growing my hair out.
Got tired of having bangs that would not wisp properly.

So I've been through the hellish stage and they are now long enough to put out of the way behind my ear[s].

Am not so sure anymore.

Had forgotten just how HEAVY my hair was.
And I foolishly thought the flat iron would help the frizz problem.
Am now very tired of my sweating head.

Have booked appointment. Now must decide what to do with it. Who do I want to look like?


  1. Ah, the hair conundrum. Never ends, does it. I'd wax unpoetic about it with you in these comments, but seeing as I wear a headscarf so that no one sees my hair, I would be defeating my own purpose. Suffice it to say, summer humidity is cruel to us all. Good luck.

  2. Can I assume you have curly/wavy hair? If so, you should get a good hair cut, keep it a minimum of 3 inches in length, layered, no bangs) and embrace and encourage the curl with any of the fine curl enhancing/de-frizzing products out there. (a salon shampoo & conditioner is a must -- the other products are okay from a pharmacy). Only wash your hair 2-3 times a week max. Never comb or brush your hair and only blow dry on very low with a diffuser. This way humidty, rain, fog and wind are your friend. I may not know much, but I know what to do with curly/wavy hair. I'm always available for consultation!!

  3. XUP: I would embrace the wave if it didn't mean I always look as if I'd just lifted my head off the pillow - it's much wavier on one side and in the humidity or rain it gets curly underneath (again more on one side) and frizzy on both.
    And, yeah, it does look okay if I don't comb or brush - but my head gets itchy. (and those night & day night sweats don't help)

    This was one reason I decided against moving to Halifax!!

    Noha: the headscarf must make your head even hotter, I've always thought? Or do you have ones in lighter material for summer?

  4. I can't help - my hair is straight and goes limp in the heat.I always wanted wavy hair!
    I guess humidity ills whatever!, good luck, Katie

  5. I have blogged about hair, & the agony of getting hideous haircuts! I am currently growing mine, but it is really beginning to irk me, & it is winter here, so I will have to get it cut before summer again. We have really humid hot summers too, & my thick thatch is better short.

  6. I can highly recommend shaving your head.
    Or at least clippering it. Unusual, streamlined and so much quicker in the mornings. I had my head shaved for a year and loved it. (I promised my Dad I'd grow it.... now it's longer. (Sigh))

  7. My hair is shoulder length, thick, wavy not curly and most of the time has a mind of its own. I blow dry or let it do what it does with curl enhancer gel.

    My secret is get the best haircut and let it grow. I get it cut 2x a year, could go more and want to do it more but it just doesn't happen that way. And as xup said, good shampoo and conditioner.

    Failing that is a buzz cut. I've seriously contemplated doing it this week when it was very hot and humid. But my brain prevailed and I put it in a ponytail instead lol

  8. Rainbow: just don't envy me my thick mane.

    Meggie: After a week of 40C in Cairns, I left without much of my waist length hair.

    Frog: I am too scared to go that far.

    UA: yeah, as XUP says, a good cut and salon products can make a world of difference.

  9. VioletSky, it's all about the material of the scarf: heavier/thicker ones for winter, lighter/breathable ones for summer, and then it ALL works out. It actually doesn't make me much hotter at all, and has often had the effect of taming my hair because it's forced flat for so many hours while I'm out.
    Funnily (is that even a word?) I remember that I used to get dizzy playing in the playground when I was younger for long periods of time, because my hair, being super-dark and super thick, would attract the sun and make my head really hot....


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