Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm not complaining, not really

The news and weather channel has been all about the flooding in Manitoba, Louisiana and Quebec. So I guess I shouldn't be whining about the seemingly endless rain we have been having and will continue to have for the next 12 days. We've already had over 56mm of rain over the weekend with around 15-20mm more for each of Tuesday and Wednesday. But that is hardly flood worthy. It has been rather damp and dreary for weeks, though. During the last 30 days there have been only five with no rain.

Can I, instead, complain about the COLD? It is 8 celcius - it should be around 20 at this time of year. I am glad I didn't pack away my fleece yet. And this weekend is the traditional planting of the garden time, when we should be safe from frost. I am in doubt. Then again, I don't have a garden so I am not personally worried. Though, I do like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms.  The apple and cherry blossoms are starting to rot and some of the grapes could get mouldy from all the rain and won't be very sweet unless we get more sunshine.

I could complain about the price of gas that skyrocketed overnight to a high of $1.419 a litre ... but has magically parachuted down to $1.285 so all those people who thought they might change their driving habits will now not bother. So while I had my 5 hour (one way) road trip when the price was high, at least my 2 hour (one way) road trip today will be with cheaper gas.

Really, I do like to see the brighter side of things. It is sometimes made difficult, though. Because, perversely, I am not looking forward to the dry, hot summer that is predicted. The dry part is fine, but the heat and humidity...


  1. Endless rain is so depressing. Maybe the sun will shine soon - well, in June, anyway!
    We haven't had any appreciable rain for weeks (southern UK)and really could do with some.

  2. Your gas only went up to 1.419? Cheap...

    I'm sick of this cold too. Yesteday I wore my raincoat and froze. Today I'm back to the leather jacket I wear in November. I'm heartily sick of this weather and I don't even feel like looking for a bright side.

    As for summer, don't worry, they can't predict the weather 24 hours in advance (unless they're predicting crap) so months? Pffft.

    - Jazz

  3. Jabblog: if only we could all have moderate weather, the world over....

    Jazz: yes, I know, I thought of you - apparently you guys have the highest prices in the country

  4. Too cold, too wet, too dry, too hot, too funny.

  5. I would complain too if I were you. You have every reason to. We had a little bit of rain, but already things are looking a lot better and the temperatures are not bad either. I have no car, so no gasoline to worry about. A one way 5 hour trip sounds horrendous, That would put me in France. Well, not on my bicycle, of course.

  6. LGS: thanks. I do feel as if I am quite conflicted at times

    Nora: well, at least I was minutes from the Quebec border! It's not so bad, I love driving without traffic problems, and I make a point of stopping lots (which, of course stretches it out...)

  7. Oh it is definitely the seemingly incessant cold, or the alternating decent and then utterly crappy days this so-called spring.

  8. Our farmers are stating that after 2 months of drought, that even if we get deluges of rain, we will be short of every kind of crop........ except for strawberries that are doing exceptionally well, it seems.
    However, all I know is that a loaf of bread fills you up more than a bowl of strawberries!
    What a pity we can't exchange weather to order.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. At least it was warm(ish) and sunny when you were in Ottawa for a change!! I'm REALLY looking forward to the hot dry summer. Bring it on!

  10. It's quite pleasant here in Edinburgh. Not hot. But then I don't like hot. Hope it warms up where you are soon.

  11. Our temperatures suddenly dropped to the 50's, which is far too cold for May AND we are also getting lots of rain. I'm holding on to the forecast for weather back in the 80's later in the week.

  12. MrWriteOn: spring sucks this year. especially compared to last year's long and early example.

    XUP: YES! I'm sure we've had more than 5 days with no rain. at least 6 days.

    Isabelle: I'm sure it will.

    SAW: but you have more flowers than we have, though ours are coming along.

  13. MaggieMay: oops, missed you, sorry. There will be a need for strawberries for Wimbledon, I guess. sadly, I am allergic to them.

  14. I was feeling sympathetic until I saw your petrol prices. We pay the same in pounds sterling where I live. But last May we had 8 degrees weather too (tropical 12 or 13 degrees today) and it really was horrible, even without torrential rain, so...OK, you have my sympathy.

  15. And there is us, with two showers in the last three months or more.
    Everything seems to be different this year.
    We shall have to swap.
    Still, it has been the best Spring I can remember. More like summer. And all the flowers are bigger and better, as long as I water them.
    I harvested potatoes today. New potatoes in May??

  16. Lorac; yes.

    beastie: yes, I know our gas prices are a deal compared to yours.

    joco: it does seem so unfair of us to hog all that rain. new potatoes - yummy!


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