Thursday, May 26, 2011

a pleasantly wasted day

I had another last minute cancellation today. This would be the third one in the last two weeks. Since I only had seven appointments, this is not a good average. Working part-time has some disadvantages...

Yesterday's phone call a half hour before I was to be at my appointment was rather annoying. We had already changed the time only the night before. Had I known what a busy schedule she had set up for herself, I would have gently convinced her to pick another day, knowing that she would be far too tired.

Really, I would have spent my day differently had I known that I would not be required to head out for an appointment at 7PM. I most probably would not have wasted a pleasant afternoon napping. I may have gone to the gym, or for a long walk. Or maybe called a friend to join me for lunch. I need to renew my membership at the botanical gardens and I might have done that before wandering through the trails looking for birds and wildflowers.  I may even have tackled the kitchen cupboards that I have been meaning to re-organize for some time.

Or, I may have just napped after all.

Of course, I could have done all that, even with an evening appointment. But, my day, as unstructured as it often is, feels very different when I know that I have no obligations. Starting work in the evenings and then continuing a second job through the night means my sleeping and eating patterns are hit and miss. I try to accommodate as much as possible and it helps to know when I am expected to be alert and personable. I am not very personable on little sleep. You'd think only working 4-5 hours a day would be a piece of cake and it might be if I were able to drift off to a blissful 8 hour sleep. I do tend to spend more time thinking about chores that need doing than actually doing them. It helps that I have no-one to account to and can ignore blaming myself.

I love having so much free time. I just wish so much of it wasn't wasted. I seem to be very good at doing that myself, without your cancellations.

Now, I have tea to drink on my balcony. That box of paperwork can wait another day.


  1. It is indeed aggravating when the best laid plans of mice and humans get mucked about and derailed.

  2. Hey, I'm for free time, no matter how it comes to me. Glad you enjoyed it, relaxing is never a waste of time.

  3. I would have wished it differently for you. I also dislike last minute cancellations. I hope you did enjoy your free time.

  4. That's such a bummer. Those kinds of changes can be discouraging. When I have my day mapped out, I like things to go according to plan. Oh, to roll!

  5. I had plans to meet a friend at our local pub last night, and an hour before we were due to meet, she called and begged off because she wasn't feeling at all well. So I had a whole evening with nothing to do, not even a social engagement. It was weird.

  6. I will join you for a cup of tea! I too hate last minute changes to my schedule. I try to be flexible but.....I hate being left hanging only to be rescheduled for a latter time or day! Argh!! Drives me bonkers!!
    There has got to be a better way? Seriously!!!


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