Thursday, May 19, 2011

wonder of wonders

It was a sunny, WARM day today. So what do you do when the rain finally stops?
I cleared my balcony and then did laundry. Because I put my laundry out to dry on the balcony when it is sunny. And warm.

And then I sorted through my clothes to find something appropriate to wear on Saturday. Y'know, for the RAPTURE. One needs to be prepared. I am assuming that if I am called, I may be wearing the same outfit for eternity (or the next five months). Or will I get one of those white floaty/sexy outfits that the Philly Cheese Lady wears?

Are you prepared? Have you done everything you want to do? Seen all you want to see? Written a will for those poor family members who may be left behind; they will likely need all they can get to help them through the chaos and end of civilization and all that.

Now, to plan my weekend meal. There seems to be lots of bagels and cream cheese in heaven, but I doubt there will be a barbecue, so that is my plan. Grilled salmon and veggies, I think. 

It should be hot and humid and dry on Saturday, finally (and then the RAPTURE comes and ruins it for us) ... with the rains returning for the holiday Monday.

Yes, the rapture. Sure.

see you next week, after all, this is only post #9 for this month


  1. I heard about that. I'm not in the least prepared. Do I have to confess my sins first?

  2. Well, my question for you is will you wear heels? I mean it might be a little much through eternity.

    As for me, I have not cleaned, paid bills or done any of those mundane things I do on a daily basis because if I'm not going to be here, why work?

    I haven't yet chosen my outfit. You've inspired me to do so - though I think I may be one of the ones left here :D

  3. Nora: I believe so, unless you want to stay behind with the rest of us

    Poetic: no, I never wear heels. besides won't we be walking on clouds?

  4. Hiya,

    Do I read -ma- for -e- [:-)]?

    I answered your suggestion to cut off the brown bit of a picture, on my blog. Looking at some of my other photos I realize that unwittingly I seem to create some sort of anchor in reality.

  5. There just can't be heels in heaven...have a great weekend. enjoy your barbecue. it does sound good.

  6. I am ready!! I don't think clothing will be an issue. Ha!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Cinner: in fact, I don't think anyone even wears shoes. hope your holiday weekend is great, too!

    SueAnn: oh, please don't tell me it is 'clothing optional'! I couldn't bear that (and am definitely not ready!)

  8. Well I know for sure that I won't be taken up. I don't think I'm a good enough person for the fundamentalist rapturite god.

    - Jazz

  9. Jazz: then I hope there is wi-fi, so no-one misses your postings!

  10. Ooh, is it this weekend? Nobody told me. Guess that means I'm NFI (Not --- Invited.) Still, better get ready just to be on the safe side. As the t-shirt says, 'Jesus is coming: look busy'.

  11. The Rapture?
    Not known over here.

    But if it really is you lot that get transported onto a higher (or lower) level, why bother to do anything? It'll come out in the wash anyway, i.e., it'll all be done with the day after, won't it?

    Do I need to learn about these things? I am a bit slow, so I hope the rapture will give me time to get used to the idea.

  12. What! it won't be any fun without Beastie and Friko - I wonder why you have not been hearing all about this. Google rapture 2011 for all the gory details.

  13. You won't need clothes. They take them off you anyway and issue you a heavenly uniform. And you'll have a manservant to cook all your meals for you. And don't worry about a will because all the hell-bound sinners will loot your place before your will even has a chance to make it to probate court.

  14. XUP: I was looking forward to that manservant....

  15. Well, I do believe that I will be with Jesus in the air, someday. But I don't really believe it will be today, unless I keel over and die. The news has made much fun of, I forget his name, and his prediction gives a lot of room for fun to be made. But Jesus said no one will know the day or the hour; so what is important is to be ready without giving up on the activities which make up daily life.

    Enjoy your barbecue, and God bless!

  16. When all you guys are gone, the meek squirrels will inherit the earth. Thanks.

  17. I always assumed you would get Raptured naked. You know, a return to Garden of Eden innocence. And then once you got to heaven you get wings and white robes and a halo. And a harp, which you will magically know how to play. Or, like me, you could still be hanging out right here on earth.

  18. Dimple: I think the not knowing when is the most important aspect

    LGS: apparently the animals are not raptured, so you may have a chance at that inheritance. good luck with that!

    EGWow: well, it seems to have been a dud, so you didn't miss anything

    SAW: see, I never assumed the naked bit. I was imagining like when Arthur Dent was stuck hitchhiking through the galaxy in that blue housecoat that you kept your clothes you were taken in.


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