Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've got nothing better to do

Summer weather has descended on us. It is hot and humid.
I went to the gym today, which tired me out. 
Then I went to a patio for a long cooling beer, which tired me out even more.
But before I got too tired, I went down to the waterfront to watch the sailboats and the swans.

No one invited me onto their boat, so I sat down on a bench and watched the swans preening.

They seem such a happy couple.
and no wonder:  look closely at that soft rock. it seems to be unfurling and waking up
this is poignant as poor Mama has been nesting at the same spot for many years, but it has been at least five years or more since any of her eggs have hatched.
her nest is only about 3 metres from the walkway and is easily accessible
ahhh, look, now we are all preening
swimming is much easier than walking
and it is much cooler in here
Only when I got home did I realize that I had my camera set on a 'speed burst'.
So I have 259 more photos.
Actually, it is kind of neat - reminds me of those old flip books with animation. I keep looking at them and speeding up the slideshow, but I may actually print them off and make my own mini movie book.


  1. Ahh! How adorable!!

  2. At least with speed burst on you get to pick the best of the best. A couple of more beers and your photos might not have turned out as good as these ones:-)

  3. SueAnn: this little one is almost a week old

    Andy: apparently, sadly, I can't hold my drink the way I used to, haha!
    yes, I had many to choose from - it took me over an hour to make this post!!

  4. What a wonder to see such a beautiful baby! No Ugly Duckling there.

  5. OK, seriously, where does that "ugly duckling" thing comes from. Because that is one amazingly cute baby.

    - Jazz

  6. They certainly are very, very cute babies. :)

  7. I'm glad that the swans managed to get little swans this year so close to the walk way. I hope people have enough sense to let them be in peace. Nice pictures!

  8. Gail and Jazz: certainly not, these are cute as any duckling or gosling.

    EGWow: and so exciting to see. he will gets lots of attention here!

    Nora: people always seem to blame 'kids' for interfering with the eggs, but who knows, for sure. thanks. there will be more, you can count on it.

  9. Wow! Lovely shots of such cute duckling!
    Thanks for sharing;o)
    Happy day!

  10. What a good idea.. Digital cameras are so much fun... These photographs are amazing.. every little feather is visible on this little baby.

  11. Wow, these are such beautiful pictures of such gorgeous birds! Looks like an amazing way to spend an afternoon.

  12. Mildred: you are welcome and thanks for visiting.

    Gwen: I don't hink I could ever go back to film! thanks.

    Deedee: great to see you again!

  13. So cute! I hope it survives and you get to see it as it grows up.

  14. Oh, that little one is just too cute!

  15. Swans are so beautiful and you captured their beauty!

  16. Ruth: it is doing very well, so far

    Inger: isn't he?!

    IGW: thanks, I love swans

  17. That last shot is stunning. I came across a pair of swans with seven cygnets at the weekend, and failed to get a single decent shot. So I appreciate yours all the more.

  18. Beastie: seven cygnets! that is a lot for a swan. I feel for this poor guy having no one to play with.


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