Tuesday, June 14, 2011

excitability clause

It was a good weekend, this past one. The rain held off even though all the weather people promised us we'd be getting some. Several droplets, most of the day, they said. I was not disappointed, as neither were the many vendors at the art and craft show (90% outdoors) down at the art centre. By sheer co-incidence of fantastic timing, this weekend was also our Doors Open. That is when nosy people can get inside participating buildings for free or that are normally closed to the public or are mostly available to church-going souls. The beauty of this Doors Open is that I can walk to most of them. I did have to drive to the local mosque and the new business college, but the rest that I went to see were within blocks of each other and my house. The little museum that I have never been inside in all my years of living here (for shame) was actually very interesting and had a beautiful display of 1920s dresses. There was also a display of Burlington as it has been since the beginning of time, with old maps and Indian artifacts and history lessons and photos. In a couple of months the clothing display will change to the Edwardian period and I think I will have to pay another visit (pay being the operative word in this case). I went on a walking tour that was offered this year (this is only our second year participating in Doors Open) which wasn't quite as informative as I'd hoped, but then I've been walking around my neighbourhood for over 12 years and have already tried to find out as much as I could about some of the heritage buildings. But I do like to know why streets have been given whatever name they have and will not shy away from asking to find out. I have never understood how some people can live in an area and not know anything about the streets around them.

After the walking tour, I ran into some friends and we wandered the craft show. I deliberately did not bring any money with me except for what I might need for a caffeinated beverage, however, there was a vendor or two who happily took my credit card. My friend Karen says she will take me out to a very nice restaurant so I can show off my new summer blouse. Then I headed into the centre to have a look at the photography display. Intending to just take a quick walk around then leave, something happened and I was trapped by my jaw dropping in awe of some of the photos and one person who followed me around determined to explain whatever he knew about the photos and their photographer. I almost had him shaken off when he introduced me to another photographer - one whose work I really, really would like to emulate. By the time I left he had me so inspired. Their photography club meets weekly and has a range of talents and abilities and he sounded so enthusiastic about it that I was ready to join up right then. Except it is on hiatus for the summer. Still, it was enough to get me excited about photography again. I know I am still taking pictures, but the spark has gone dull a bit. Sometimes, I am bored with what seems to be the same pictures. By then the sky was showing off some great clouds with late afternoon peek-a-boo sun and the light was just right....

It wasn't until last night that I finally stuck my SD card into the computer to upload the photos and see what beautiful works of art were created. Shoving the card into the cd drive was not the way to upload.
My little paperclip hook and tweezer rescue combo (yes, I have done this before) did not work as well as I thought it should and somehow it fell in deeper into a dark crevice that surely should not be that deep.  Shaking the monitor gently does nothing. The person who responded to my desperate plea for help on the Apple support community message board was very consoling (and it did look like it has happened to many people - there should be a little flap or something to make it more distinguishable) but it looks like it will be a trip to the store.

My excitement has waned a little.


  1. Ah, but you can get your excitement back when they give you card back to you. Delayed gratification and all that.

    - Jazz

  2. The walking tour sounds terrific, and the prospect of the photography club sounds excellent too. Bad words and thoughts about your card getting stuck. I hope it all comes out, and intact. We need a photograph of the summer blouse...

  3. Oh no those sd cards, well sometimes the whole computer thing gets me. It is great that you went on this open doors walk. that really sounds interesting. I am glad you got too meet a few of the photographers. I always love your photos. Hope you are
    having a great day. hugs.

  4. Clubs are always good for getting the juices flowing again. Not only do they inspire, but they also provide a bit of competition...which never hurts. I hope you remember to join up in the fall.

  5. Oh dear! I have never tried putting a card in my Mac (didn't know you could). I have a card reader with a USB port. Hope you get your pictures.

  6. Jazz: today is my app with the Genuis...

    Persiflage: I am so blowing my summer budget before summer even begins!

    Cinner: thanks

    XUP: it would be like me to forget by then... so now I have it written in my book

    Ruth: I am missing having the USB port right now! seems a much safer option!!

  7. Be sure to take a picture of these computer parts, I can't quite picture what you did. I bet the craft fair and building pics will be great.

  8. Geewits: there are two slots on the side of the monitor - one bigger one for the cd/dvd and underneath it is a smaller one for the camera card. you know instantly that you've used the wrong slot because the card sticks out in the proper one, but slides right in the cd one. there is only about a 1/4" space between them.

  9. That's a darn shame that you did that and can't fix it on your own. I hope the computer people can. I suppose you need some long needle nosed pliers. Best not mess with it yourself. Good luck getting it sorted.

  10. Oh...... that is such a shame and I was getting excited along with you until that happened.
    Hope it can be resolved and your enthusiasm can be rekindled.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. Ooh, that bites. This is why I always connect my camera to the computer with a USB cable and load directly.

    But what a cool idea to have open houses everywhere.

  12. Nora: I think my messing just shoved it in further...

    Maggie May: it has been resolved - that genius bar at the Apple store is, well, genius! and oh so helpful

    SAW: I have never done it that way.
    yes, I LOVE open houses, of any kind.


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