Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday Stills - potluck

I'm not sure why I stopped contributing to Sunday Stills... it could have been that I was working too many weekends, or that I was too unorganized to be ready for Sunday morning... 
So sorry for my long absence.
I happened to check in this week and saw that the theme was 'pot luck' 
anything you wanted that was not an archival photo. Perfect time to jump back in. 

I happened to be on a mission this past week photographing bike racks. We have seen a number of new bike racks pop up in my city recently and I wanted to gather a collection. 

First up, the ever faithful Post and Ring

although this cyclist doesn't seem to know the correct way to attach his bike

one of the fancy new racks that have been designed to look local
 a typical scene with a bench under a tree from the nearby park

this one represents a family friendly bike path, post   processed in an antique effect with boost to accentuate the rack

this one has the chain and bollards that are on the breakwall at the waterfront and was finished off in a posterized effect,
just for fun
and now a cyclist actually riding his bike 
again done with a boost effect to accentuate

this is my contribution for Sunday Stills


  1. it's nice to see you're back as well, i haven't been motivated to join in either, i suppose everyone gets busy
    these are lovely photos x

  2. Wow! Those bike racks are amazing!! And your shots are fantastic!!

  3. You are not alone. This week is my come back to my blog in two years. I work full-time and study part-time. I have a husband and two actives boys to take care in between. I don't work this summer and I don't have any plan to travel abroad so I will be visiting blogger friends again. Hope you have a wonderful day today!
    These shots are very interesting. Nice!


  4. These are terrific looking bike racks. Really add beauty to the landscape too. Welcome back! :)

  5. This are great pictures, so much work into a bike rack!

    I wish I could participate in these things but I am a shoot from the hip kinda blogger...what's on my mind at the moment is what you get.

  6. What amazing bike racks! Ours are very dull compared with those!

    And how are you supposed to attach your bike to the rack, then?? Looked OK to me!

  7. Gilly: the lock should go on the post and the rings make it difficult for thieves to get at it

    Gail: I am the same way, though I do plan ahead for the memes on my other blog.

    dibear: thanks!

    Yothers: so nice to see your comment!

    SueAnn: thanks, it was actually difficult to photo them without too much other stuff in the way (interestingly none had bikes attached!)

    Chloe: thanks, apparently there were quite a few of us who dropped off and are returning!

  8. Hey, Good to see you gets busy sometimes. Great bunch of bike racks that are pieces of art! :)

  9. Great idea - nice shots! Good to see you back.

  10. Very cool, welcome back..:-)

  11. Wow! Those are some very unique and artsy bike racks.

    Welcome back to SS!

  12. I love when everyday objects are made as art.

  13. What a great subject! I love functional things that are also attractive. I have never seen such beautiful bike racks!

  14. Hi there - nice bike racks - I think all town planners should look at them - utility does not have to mean dull. We may have less damage to stuff in the street if it looked like somebody cared about it in the first place!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  15. Welcome back, nice choice to get back into things.

  16. These are bike racks? They are more like works of art to me.
    We have very utilitarian, scruffy half hoop type things.
    Cycling is not encouraged in the UK.

    Now, if you were to go to Holland or Germany, you'd see the bike as the most favoured means of transport.


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