Friday, August 5, 2011

finding a dream home

So, by now you are all probably thinking it is a wonderful place where I live and wouldn't it be great if you, too, could have a house here. I am here to help you. I have sought out a few properties that are for sale. With a couple of exceptions these were found within a two mile walk along Lakeshore. So we are within a very specified area - after all I was walking and didn't go wandering all over town. Besides, this is where the most interesting architecture is to be found, as far as I am concerned. I may be biased, though. But if any of these appeal to you, you could be my neighbour and we could explore all those neat places for eating, drinking and shopping together.

these two are next door to each other and are still being extensively renovated

only the one on the right is for sale, but I rather like these two together, obviously by the same builder. they are rather close to the street, however
a little plain for my taste, but love the colour and the huge hydrangeas
 showing a little more curb appeal

this one comes with free sidewalk art

sadly this little one is already sold. it is across from a park where you can sit on your porch and watch the kids playing soccer and baseball

I love this house below. it doesn't show all that well in the photo, but look at that sunroom with the pyramid skylight! and it has a wheelchair ramp, which is handy even if you are not using a wheelchair. it faces a small lookout onto the lake where you can watch the geese and the ships.
not my taste, but that must be quite the attic suite!
getting bigger.....
 getting monstrous

a meandering driveway that must be hell to navigate in the snow....
maybe you would like a heritage property like this one above

or a custom build
this poor thing has been like this for about 3 years. it started of as a good proposition to renovate what was originally just that front portion, then I guess the owner got overwhelmed... it is not for sale, but it might be if you ask nicely.
or maybe you would prefer something with less maintenance, then an apartment in this building might be just the thing (although there are no balconies)
or you could have several balconies (more in the back) and get a live/work situation. and be next door to the Black Pearl Lingerie shop.


  1. And what would some of these fine dwellings cost, I ask you? Apparently Vancouver has THE highest real estate prices in Canada, so I'm curious as to what the price differentials might be in your neck of the woods ... just in case I ever feel like dodging the rain and opting for consistently freezing temps and mountains of snow all winter, of course!

  2. I like the "twins" I think I'll get those.

  3. Ooh, great, real estate porn! I love imagining the lives one could have in other houses. I'd choose the plain grey one with the hydrangeas. I like its Scandinavian look. I'd have it all clean and light inside, white linen and fur rugs and the smell of cinnamon buns.
    .....goes off on little daydream......

  4. Pinklea: you are thinking of where Jazz lives... our winters aren't nearly that bad. of course, if you go a mile outside of the city it is a whole other weather system, but in the city it is mild.

    anyway, that little house that is sold went for $399K and the ones that Jazz and Beastie like are both in the + $870K range. the long and winding road is $1.7. I think the monstrous house is $3.2. Most in this area are over $600K.

  5. I'm afraid I can't afford to come live in your neighborhood. It's too bad, but the houses seem a little bit too expensive. Do they have a little one bedroom apartment for rent somewhere close by? I would consider that :o)

  6. Love the architecture, but a bit pricey and you really threw me with the snow comment. I think we had lived here for six or seven years before it snowed enough to make us realize that we lived at the top of a hill.

  7. Nora & Geewits: I couldn't afford to move here now either. it is fortunate for me that I came before prices went through the roof. but there are still loots of one beds for rent

  8. I love looking at houses, so thank you for these photos!
    Do you see the laughing face (or maybe it's sneering?) in the second house? With the squinty eyes and the raised upper lip?
    Of the next pair, I like the one on the left better. It seems truer to its original design.
    I really like the plain one that you don't like, although I have sworn that I will never live in a BLUE house.
    Next one is nice...I like the Venetian blinds in the windows at the right . . . a sunroom?
    I love the windows and the porch in the white and tan house!
    "...where you can sit on your porch and watch the kids playing soccer and baseball." Reason enough for me not to want to live there.
    I like that next one, not least for the ramp. But that Rose of Sharon, or whatever it is, in front of the one window... That, or the window, would have to go; they don't appear to be mutually useful.
    Next one: Very pretty and well-kept. But that attic part looks like it was stuck on like a Lego toy.
    The "getting bigger" and "getting monstrous"... Every Home Depot gimmick known to man and a lack of attention to true architectural detail...the "returns" on the gable ends, for example. "Look how much house we can afford!"
    This comment's long enough. Perhaps more later.

  9. Oh, those houses are wonderful. So full of character, unlike the modern ones being built here, which have such boring sameness~ and ugliness, I might add.

  10. Beautiful homes!! I liked them all!

  11. June: love your observations! I thought those 'eye' windows were cute until I noticed the face. now the house is sort of ruined for me.

    Meggie: I like houses with lots of character ... and bay windows ... and gables. but I also like them to be human sized.

    SueAnn: you are definitely easy to please! were I a real estate agent, I would want you for a client.

  12. I would happily leave my nest of twigs and leaves for any of those beauties. The first photo and the right hand home in the third picture are particularly appealing but before I make the move, how many nuts will I need to collect to afford them.

  13. LGS: our nuts are still worth more than the US nuts, so if you base it on that, it is a good deal. the beauty of the first one is you get to do your own landscaping - so negotiate!

  14. I like to have less to clean. I had a real big house and spent one day a week just on bathrooms.

  15. Prairie: I agree that it is better to have less to clean. and less to furnish. and less to clutter up...

  16. I feel as if I've just been on a walk with Sandra Rinomato (HGTV) and she just told me "Oh, you love this neighborhood? Sorry, you can't afford it, but let me find one for you that you can afford. It won't be nearly as gorgeous, but it will have the number of rooms that you want." I watch a lot of HGTV.


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