Wednesday, August 17, 2011

smart advice

This bit of advice that I am about to impart may seem so obvious to most of you, but, just in case some of you are like me and tempted to ignore certain envelopes that come through your mail, I am here to tell you to OPEN EVERY ENVELOPE. Even if it looks like it is junk mail. It might even be a good idea to READ the letters that are held within those envelopes. 

I have a tendency to file away those bills that get paid automatically from my account and to quickly glance through the ones that don't (like my Visa, etc) and toss all the extraneous bits of paper. This sometimes results in a misunderstanding of the "new" billing changes that are hidden in fine small print. And yes, I know, I am missing out on some exclusive, time sensitive opportunities to get in one some good insurance. or an extra card. or a contest for a fantastic trip if I reply in 10 days. or extra money if I convince my friends to join in saving at a particular bank. But I am not interested in any of that. It just complicates my life, all this extra information and bits of paper.

Then again, it seems, my credit card company wants to give me money for using their card. Yesterday, I almost threw out a cheque. A CHEQUE! From my credit card company! I have no idea why they want to do this, but yes, it does make me happy! I did actually wonder why I received this new card so soon after getting my replacement for the expired one and I even wondered that aloud to the person at the number I had to call to activate the card but was met with silence, so I just let it go and carried on. Then I promptly forgot the PIN I had to come up with that could not involve two consecutive numbers or repeats and had to be 6-digits. As a result, I can't use the chip so my use of the card has been limited. I obviously did not read the fine print that said I would be rewarded for using this newer (smart) card over my other older (stupid) card.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go on a $75 shopping spree. (right after I call the company to reset my PIN to something I can remember).


  1. That never happens to me. I have to argue with companies and jump through hoops for them to give me the money they OWE me. Ain't nobody sending me free money.

  2. My credit card is due for a replacement in September - maybe they'll send me a cheque too! (And don't even get me started whining about PINs!)

  3. I bet they won't even send me a new credit card.

  4. Then again, I forgot to mention that this is an MBNA card - which seems to be undergoing some dramatic shifts in ownership this week. I may never see another cheque....

  5. I could use that!!! All I am getting are bills.

  6. God you give me a scare, first thing in the am I am going through my filing cabinet. I am bad about this too. glad you got a cheque. don't spend it all in one place. lol.

  7. Pin numbers are a menace. Very hard to remember unless you can associate them with something familiar.

    Its not often that you get a cheque these days. I will search more thoroughly from now on.

    I do take off my name & address from everything I throw away and shred! Paranoid or what?!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Was there fine print on the check? Abou interest accruing immediately or being enrolled in some program that will cost a monthly fee? I'm always suspicious of things that look like something for nothing.

  9. That never happens to me even if I have this compulsion to open every envelope! Would have been great to open one with a cheque - gah, shopping money! lol.

    Inside Cambodia


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