Friday, November 23, 2012

cross border

Inspired by the American insanity that is Black Friday, 
where now Canada's retailers have decided to follow along 
and offer sales to try and stem the flow of cross border shopping, 
today's postcard shows one of the bridges between the US and Canada

The Rainbow Bridge connecting Niagara Falls ON to Niagara Falls NY

Officially opened in 1941, it replaced the earlier Honeymoon Bridge. For anyone who likes stats, the deck is 202 feet above the water and the approaches measure 1,450 feet long with the span being 950 feet. There are two 22' wide roadways separated by a four' wide median with a ten' wide sidewalk along the south side of the bridge facing the Falls. Walking across the bridge gives the best views of The Falls, plus you can have your picture taken as you straddle the international boundary line. It is 50¢ to walk or cycle across or $3.50 to drive. 
The bridge is about 500 yds from the American Falls (the Horseshoe Falls is the one further back)
The Maid of the Mist is another way to get up close and personal with The Falls. Originally a ferry service, they have been in operation in the Niagara River since 1846 and were steamers until 1955 when they were replaced after a fire destroyed the two wooden boats.
Dear Folks,
Seemed as though it was useless to wait for a Honeymoon to get to Niagara Falls, so Helen and I came to look at it. most interesting because Helen is interested in the geology and can explain all the formations. We're waiting for dark for the lights to come on and then will journey on.
Jun 21 was a Monday in 1948, so it seems they waited until they had journeyed on toward Rochester where Holley is located to buy the stamp and mail the postcard.


  1. Huge bridges like that give me the creeps. It's the same sort of feeling I get when I see a big ship in dry dock.
    The falls are indeed the honeymoon destination. That's where we went lol.

    1. I have gotten over my fear of huge bridges, sortof. at least the ones I know!

  2. I wondered about this, and figured that Canada's situation as a US satellite would cause Black Friday to be copied.

  3. I hope that Canada does not become like the States too much or at all. It would not be good to give up your identity to that country. I wuld boycot any effort to.


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