Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Stamps - Lincoln

Inspired by the opening of the new film Lincoln
I thought I would share his image I found on these stamps from Rwanda.
In Canada the only non Canadian to appear on a stamp would be the reigning monarch - and apparently her heirs (as in the case of the Royal Wedding)

and these stamps from Togo celebrating 100 years of the end of slavery.

interestingly, these stamps have a "in memory of John F Kennedy 1917-1963'
which perhaps means that the re-issues were after November 1963.

there are more stamps here


  1. I recently watched a BBC documentary about the photographer Alexander Gardner - "The Scot who shot the American Civil War" - (it's on youtube) and he was also the photographer of Lincoln and also the executions. Very interesting. I'd never thought of finding Lincoln on stamps from Rwanda. The Togolese stamps with the overprint are very interesting too.

  2. I've got the tow issues Togo stamps too, I've always found them most interesting.

  3. I do want to see the new Lincoln film!
    Thank you for sharing these great stamps.

  4. I shall be searching my stamps now for Lincoln stamps. The Lincoln/Kennedy stamps from Togo are particularly interesting.

  5. Interesting. I had heard once that US stamps only featured dead Americans, so I just checked and found this list of guidelines for stamps in this country.

  6. That's odd - I don't know why that pop-out link didn't work. The list is at:

    1. until about 5-6 years ago, we couldn't portray any living persons (besides the Queen) on any stamps either.

  7. Very interesting stamps - in many ways! Good choice to share! :)

  8. You have made me wonder whether Australia has guidelines. We seem to have many themes. My daughter had one of her photographs of a famous racehorse used for a stamp issue commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Cup. (That's about as close as I get to stamps.)

  9. interesting!
    i am still debating whether i should see that movie or not. perhaps i should just go.. ? :)


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