Friday, November 9, 2012


a "colourpicture" linen postcard of the Peace Tower
as bonus, we get a Mountie in scarlet!

The Peace Tower is a bell and clock tower that sits in the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings. 
It is also home to the Memorial Chamber directly above the porte-cochere, with stained glass windows and various other features illustrating Canada's war record such as the brass plates made from spent shell casings found on battlefields with the name of each of Canada's major conflicts during the First World War. The stone walls were originally to have been inscribed with the names of all Canada's servicemen and women who had died during the First World War but without enough space for all 66,000 names, it was later decided to place Books of Remembrance there instead.


  1. As grade eight students we were taken for a bus tour of Ottawa and of the Parliament buildings. I do not believe we got to see the memorial room. Maybe it wasn't finished at that time. It would be nice if it was somewhere a little more accessible.

  2. Wow! I have only walked a few feet into Canada one time--and they almost didn't let us back in because we'd forgotten our passports on the other side of the border in our Van. lol The kids were so excited to meet a REAL Canadian, wanted photos taken with a Canadian--our little ones literally charmed us back into the United States. (grin) Lovely postcard, by the way.

    Happy PFF!

  3. I've recently decided my favorite thing to see, randomly in the world, is the word Peace. Just that word.

  4. It is very appropriate to have the tower named the Peace Tower. May Canada always be associated with peace and peace-keeping.

  5. Super choice of postcard for this weekend!

  6. I love that they named it the Peace Tower. Now if only you could get there via the Peace Train!


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