Saturday, February 23, 2013


Depending on my mood, I can be either amused or irritated by the preferences of some Postcrossers for the postcards they wish to receive. Some people are very selective. Some just have the most unusual interests and I wonder how they ever expect to get cards to fulfil their wish list. For the most part, I am very easy going, though I am beginning to realize that I don't much care for multi-view cards and am thinking of saying so in my profile. Maybe it is because my eyes are dim and I cannot see the images all that well.

But then, I think for the most part each image deserves to have a card on its own in order to show off.

Thankfully we no longer have that annoying non divided back where the sender was forced to write a message on the front of the card. That ended around 1907. This card at least has a space for such a purpose. And the message is legible
Thanks for cards, I [would?] like Niagara very much.
Yours sincerely
M White
2 Wellington Terrace
South Shields

I wish that cancellation mark didn't obscure so much of the stamp from 1900.

I had to look up where South Shields was located and discovered that it is nowhere near Cheltenham.

Cheltenham is in the south west of England and South Shields is in the north east (so says Wikipedia, but there is much more of England more south and west of Cheltenham...)

On this card we have 'the Promenade' on the top right with 'the Fountain' on the top left and 'Pitville Gardens' on the bottom. In the centre is the 'Ladies College' which, apart from the racecourse, is the only thing I knew about Cheltenham. Why and how I am familiar with these is a mystery.

Pitville Gardens seems to be a misspelling as it is listed as Pittville in the Cheltenham Visitor's Guide. It was part of a large estate, created by Joseph Pitt around the 1820s, for the "rich and famous who came to live in Cheltenham". The estate includes a Pump Room, a park with an ornamental lake as well as a boating lake and many large houses. By 1894, the park was opened to the general (not so rich and famous) public.

Sharing another postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. It looks like I Don't like Niagara very much doesn't it????

    1. it does a little, but then I decided it looked more like a 'w' with a 'd'.

      ...anyway, I can't imagine anyone thanking someone for a card, then saying they don't like the place the place the caed came from!!

  2. This is a wonderful postcard--though I can certainly understand what you mean about not being able to see much detail. I visited Niagra Falls twice in early 2000. I will never forget the beauty of the falls, and the magic of watching the mist maidens dance. I would visit again in a minute, if I could! lol

    Have a lovely day, my Friend. Happy PFF!

    1. it is a wonderful card - the detail is amazing.

  3. Great card with a lot of detail

  4. I really like this card. So old fashion. Wish we made them like this today. The writing style is very artistic and old fashion as well. Cursive isn't taught like it was back in the day. Well, my day, anyway.


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