Friday, February 1, 2013


With Queen Beatrix's news last week of her passing on the reign to her son Prince Willem-Alexander, I thought for Postcard Friendship Friday, I would show some postcards I've received from the Netherlands.

First up is a reproduction of a 1910 card showing Chass√©kazerne, a former military barracks that is now the Breda Museum. It was built in 1898 but by 1993 the artillery was reduced and moved to t'Harte. Before being completely gutted in 1998 order to update it for use as the Breda Museum and City Archives it housed about 1,000 asylum seekers from the former Yugoslavia. Breda is in the province of South Brabant.
This is a home made card showing a caricature of Landgraaf, which is in also in the south, in the province of Limburg.  On the left you see a giant man that is in 'Mondo Verde' [Green World, a family theme park]. Above that is the church, then you see the city hall. Further you see the big indoor Ski Run, music and in the background, the German border. Typical houses from our city and a poster from a big music festival called 'PinkPop'

I love the sunset against                   St Nicholas Church
In the province of North Holland is the city of Hilversum, known as Media City since it is the centre for the radio and televisions stations.
The colourful building in the top left is a radio and television museum [Institute for Sound and Vision] The glass windows show important moments in Dutch television history. Underneath is the new City Hall  built in 1936 followed by the old City Hall. And at the bottom right, the train station.

and, finally, cheese and tulips.


  1. These are absolutely wonderful. So bright and colorful. I have never been to The Netherlands, but I've been told we have distant relatives there. I especially love that last one. WOW!

    They just fill my eyes. Happy Pff!

  2. Very lovely. I keep thinking we should go there for tulip time.

  3. The only one I have is the Landgraaf card which I think is quite attractive though I'd prefer it didn't have Happy Postcrossing on it.

    I'd love the Hilversum card! When I was growing up we listened to Hilversum on the radio, Hilversum Een, if I remember correctly. It was one of the stations marked on the radio tuning.

  4. Some very unique buildings.

  5. Beautiful postcards from the Netherlands! I only have the Landgraaf postcard sent to me via Postcrossing. I know of Hilversum, too, because I onced applied for a training at RNTC :) Happy PFF!

  6. Are you always sent such typical postcards of the Netherlands or are these exceptions to the rules? I hate to see my country represented in such a mundane way. I do hope somebody sent you something more interesting than that.

    1. So far I have 70 cards from the Netherlands and there are a couple of delightful non-touristy ones. If you see anything you think I should have in my collection, please send it over!

  7. I like them all. I like the history and, of course, tulips and cheese! I've always wanted to see the tulip fields. Happy PFF!

  8. A nice way to honour Queen Beatrix. I would love to see fields of tulips such as on that card. it would be breath taking.


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