Thursday, February 28, 2013

marching on

Tomorrow, it will be March. March is a good month, not just because it has my birthday and the first official days of spring (and this year, as a bonus Easter) though mostly because of that. Also because it has an 'r' that everyone pronounces. Having to listen, with gritted teeth, to Febuary will decrease dramatically for the next ten months or so.

On a personal note, I will be glad to say goodbye to February and all the ill it has brought. Not just because of the snow and slush, I don't mind that and it does make all that money on snow tires worth the expense (unlike during last year's non winter). But I didn't need the added expense of something called 'bushings' and then even more expense for the front end stabilizers that my mechanic realized needed immediate attention once he test drove the new tires. I thought the problem was near bald tires on slick roads. I was wrong. This was on top of the immediate transmission repairs. in spite of the smoother, safer, quieter ride, I am feeling a tiny bit of resentment towards my auto for giving me so much grief.

Then my arm started acting up in a painful, rebellious act of determination to keep me from enjoying any part of life that involved eating, drinking, buttoning, keyboarding, or generally moving. Oh, and working. Tendinitis is not good for anyone, but for someone who uses their arms to help other people with things like tendinitis, it is galling. And a hazard of the job.

And, February has introduced me to pneumonia. This was my first bout with pneumonia and I suppose it could be good to know first hand just how awful an experience it really is, I think I could have faked that knowledge quite convincingly.

So, major expenses and no work to pay for them.
I want March to be cuddly and warm. And playful, like a lamb.


  1. also glad to see the back side of FebRuary here as well.

  2. It certainly was an unlucky month for you and I can well imagine why you are glad to see the end of it. I hope that is the end too of all of your ailments, including your arm and I hope your car runs fantastically from now on. Here's to Spring and the joy it will bring to all of us. xox

  3. As someone who still has a bum shoulder, I completely empathize with you suffering with tendinitis in your arm. Hope that's getting better. Major car expenses suck too, but hey, we apparently have to have our cars. I've never had pneumonia, so I have no comment on that, other than I hope March is a MUCH better month in VioletSky Land!

  4. Ahhhh...feel better!
    I too have been looking forward to March as well!!

  5. Personally, I'm looking forward to May.

  6. Hope you are feeling better. I had pneumonia once and it was terrible. :(
    I am also ready for this winter to be fini!

  7. Sorry to read that you have been in the wars, and I hope you recover quickly. It all sounds very unpleasant and worrying for you.


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