Friday, March 1, 2013

Caernafon, Cymru

In honour of St David's Day, I had an exhaustive search through all my postcards to find a suitable image of Wales. This is the only one I found, so it will have to do...

I threw this into my 3 for a dollar pile at my first postcard show not because it is a particularly great card (although unused, it does have that ink stain on the corner) but because it made me smile at the youthful, non-regal look of Prince Charles.

The castle, however, was built by Edward I in 1283 as the final act of conquest of English rule over Wales. It took nearly fifty years to construct, was never actually finished and was the costliest of Edward's castles.

It is a domineering piece of architecture constructed as a military stronghold and also as a seat of government and royal palace. Edward made sure his son, who was to become the first English Prince of Wales, was born in the castle.

As you can see on this card, the current Prince of Wales had his investiture in 1969 at the same castle as did Prince Edward in 1911.

Maybe by the next St David's, someone from Wales will have sent me a card showcasing some its beauty. Or maybe someone over at Postcard Friendship Friday is showcasing one?


  1. It's a GREAT card! I remember visiting Caernafon castle as a child and being so impressed!

  2. It doesn't look like a very friendly place does it?

  3. Now that I think of it, I do have some postcards of Welsh castles but I went for map cards today. Doesn't Charles look so young!!

  4. It is St. David's Day! Golly, I remember when Charles looked that young! Ack!!!! Happy PFF!

  5. Oh. You know, when I first looked at the card, the guy on it seemed familiar but I coulnd't place him.

  6. Look at those ears!! Sorry...they just struck me!
    Nice card

  7. Lovely pigeon stamps.
    We have wood pigeons and collared doves visiting the garden and the *common* variety forage for left over food in the nearby streets by the shops.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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