Saturday, March 9, 2013

abstract art, part 1

abstract art is the theme this week for Sunday Stamps so, while I hunt for some stamps here are two postcards for Postcard Friendship Friday featuring 

this first postcard is entitled Etincelle d'amour - Spark of Love
the artist is Montse Gisbert, a childrens book illustrator originally from Catalonia in Spain and now living in Brussels, Belgium. This is one in a series of six (you can see the others here)

this art card below is the work of Hope, "a northern Dutch artist" according to her website.
you can see more of her work here. I can't honestly say I am attracted to her style from this card, but some examples from the website are fun. I prefer the cats to cows so am a little sad that they aren't represented here. still, it is good to have this introduction to a new artist.


  1. The dutch postcard is pretty colorful.. I guess they like to show cows as they are big cheese producers.

  2. These are all fantastic....esp. like Spark of Love.

  3. OOoooh! I LOVE it! What a wonderful postcard! lol so pretty and perfect for Spring.

    Have a lovely evening, and happy PFF! (grin)

  4. Both those would make great framed posters.


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