Saturday, March 23, 2013

dressed in pink

Pink was a fun colour to be searching for this week. It was also a difficult colour to get just right so it didn't look too red or lavender on the screen....
 I thought I would save the pink flowers for a later date and today take a (loose) look at fashion
presents from Taiwan

here is the Queen in pink in 2007

and in 1967

For Women's Day in 2012, Finland issued a series of four stamps called Kisses Blown. Designed by Ulla Bergström they were inspired by spring festivities, friendships and evening gatherings.

and the piece de resistance
featuring designer Jasmin Santanen from Finland. you can see the whole fashion themed sheet here (the link is slow) this dress looked more pink on the postcard

Now, I probably shouldn't be spending more money, but today (Sunday) I will be off to the Buffalo Postcard Show and Sale. Because I just can't help myself. And while dithering about whether or not to go, I found an envelope with rather a lot more American money in it than I expected which must have been a sign...


  1. the old girl does look pretty in pink

  2. Lovely stamps for a pink theme Bob!
    My daughter love pink too!

  3. My fave from this batch is the Kisses Blown stamp from Finland.

    The stamps I featured are from Finland too. :)

    Have a great week ahead.

  4. I always love the Finnish stamps, such cool designs! Enjoy the postcard sale!

  5. The Women's Day stamp has a fun feel to it, I have one of the other stamps (purple) from the fashion sheet , nice to see the full mini sheet, what a nice concept.

  6. I had trouble with judging what was pink too. The Finnish stamps are great; how did I miss the Queen!

  7. Love the stamp with the Queen!

  8. I like the clean lines of the presents.

  9. Love the last two images. And yes it was a sign! American money must be spent at an American postcard show!
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  10. Ah, pink... my daughter is keen that not ALL of her baby daughter's clothes are pink!

  11. My wife's favourite colour (sadly not mine!). That 1967 stamp brought back memories of the days when postage was a bit cheaper.


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