Sunday, March 10, 2013

abstract art, part 2

This stamp from the Netherlands celebrates the Floriade, a massive horticultural expo held every ten years. On this particular year, 1992, it was held in Zoetermeer in the southwest of the country.
I would have expected a floriade stamp to be a little more colourful.

another one from the Netherlands, this one a 'greetings' stamp from 1993. I have no idea what those triangular shapes represent

but abstract art can be like that.....

see other abstract stamps here

I would like to write more, but this *^%# tendinitis gets in the way


  1. This floral expo sounds interesting.

  2. I am with you, I am not sure what is represented on these stamps! Good for the theme however.
    Thank you for joining in.

  3. I like the flora one, even if it is a bit monochromatic.

  4. I really like the second stamp, with its bright colours and triangles... they kind of remind me of sail boats. Great stamp. Sorry to hear about the tendinitis: that totally sucks!

  5. I like the water lilies on the first, I wonder if the design continues onto another stamp. I think the second are yachts too, a word we get from the Dutch. Sorry to hear about your tendinitis.

  6. I like both stamps, and both are great choices for the theme.

  7. Two fine stamps - I thought of yachts too.

  8. Missed visiting last week die to what I thought was flu but it thankfully disappeared.

    I was there at that Floriade in 1992! It was a wonderful experience for me though two reluctant teenagers were tagging along. Their memories aren't quite the same.


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