Friday, March 15, 2013

celebrating St Patrick's

courtesy of Postcrosser Mandy
now, along with the painful tendinitis, I have the flu. also painful. 
perhaps a Guinness or whiskey will help?

Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. What a beautiful kitty! I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I was sick with the flu (high fever) for seven days, and then this week three days with a stomach bug.

    I think a nice hot toddy would be wonderful. Hang in there sweet Friend.

    ((hugs)) I hope you feel better SOON!

  2. Sorry you are feeling 'under the weather'. I'd recommend chicken soup over the whiskey.

  3. I can sympathize with you completely having just been done in by some viruses and bacteria. This is a case of when one finds you, the others follow quickly, so take care. Don't try to convince yourself that you are better ahead of time because it will backfire on you. Get all the rest and TLC you can give yourself. xox

  4. so sorry you are not feeling well. i think a hot toddy would definitely be in order. i love the kitty. looks like he celebrated st.patrick's day a little too much. !!! Happy PFF

  5. Oh dear!Hope you're better soon.


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