Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Stamps - hearts

Pink and red hearts are everywhere at this time of year. So anything related to Valentine's is our theme on Sunday Stamps

France's La Poste issues a heart shaped stamp, designed by one of their fashion icons, every year for Valentine's Day. This 2009 version is from Emanuel Ungaro whose fashion house has been in decline for the past decade.

from Poland "I love you"

and with I love you, we need roses.

even though they are not a flower for these cold wintry months of the northern hemisphere.


  1. The first stamp is lovely and the butterflies on the second one. I thought of those GB roses, but didn't find the cover I have (somewhere).

  2. I need chocolate stamps.

  3. The wings on the Polis butterflies are also shaped like hearts! I like the simple pink rose on the left of the British series.
    thank you for participating this week!

  4. I did enjoy your comment about are versus were.

    And that is NOT Anne of GG! Dearie me!

  5. I could have done with those roses; then I would not have mistaken Swedish azaleas for them.

  6. I watched a driven woman drag a liquor store worker around today, forcing him to help her find a wine label that had a heart on it.

    Because, you know, the label is more important than the taste.

    I'm left thinking it's too bad the poor worker didn't have a roll of heart stamps in his pocket so he could have slipped one onto a label and saved them twenty minutes of hunting.

  7. Just popped over to see if you'd come up with a Valentine stamp and that is a lovely one!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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