Sunday, May 26, 2013

active duty stamps

For this version of Sunday Stamps (on this American Memorial Day Weekend) here are recent Canada Post stamps commemorating 150 years of active duty. Each stamp has four soldiers showing the evolution of their respective uniforms.

the 'Rileys' out of Hamilton and the Black Watch out of Montreal
and the Royal Regiment out of Toronto

The souvenir sheet has archival photos and shows the royal crest of the regiment below each stamp


  1. Please to see you have posted on the Memorial Day theme.
    You have an excellent group of stamps.
    I'll post later.

  2. What a nice miniature sheet. I do like a uniform although I prefer those those flashy 19th century ones.

  3. oh wow! This is quite very interesting Canadian stamps!

    Willa @ Postage Journal
    My Sunday Stamp#57: Memorial Day

  4. Great stamps, especially the mini-sheet. I like that the stamps themselves have a white background.

  5. The mini-sheet is particularly attractive. I find the khaki kilt interesting.

  6. So sorry not to have Sunday Stamps up - away from my computer without notice! We'll continue next week. thanks for getting a post up.


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