Friday, May 17, 2013

large letters

as we head into the first long weekend of the summer season, it is time to think about road trips
 a Curt Teich linen card sent from Georgetown Ky on Feb 13, 1950
a newer model glossy large letter by Smith-Southwestern sent from New Orleans on May 8, 2013


  1. idea of a road trip is half way across town to Zehrs.

    1. at the moment my trips are all through Postcrossing and the postcards/stamps from around the world :)

  2. Yehaw! You are so right, my Friend! lol I was away for four days for our 30th anniversary. When I got back, a friend had left a message. Their speaker had canceled due to illness. They were asking me to take her place. Of course, I said yes. They also invited my Mom! Woohoo! So the two of us are going to Washington State tomorrow. ROAD TRIP!

    AND, what lovely postcards. Happy Postcard Friendship Friday! (grin) ((hugs))

  3. Did I let you know how amazing these postcards are?! Wow!

  4. I love these cards....fabulous!!!!



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