Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finnish transport history

I only have two of the six stamps released in March of 2012 for the 150th anniversary of the railways on Finland. They were designed by Tarja Salonen and the shape has been 'cut to perspective to give them a feeling of motion'

as a bonus, the stamps were on train/tram related postcards.

Above is from Turku in 1959. Sender Eva says that "alas, the trams were replaced by buses in 1972"
Below, these 'stone-men' are featured on the front wall of the Helsinki Central Railway Station - or this mouthful of a name Helsingin päärautatieasema-Helsingfors centralstation (Finnish and Swedish)

The statues were designed by Emil Wikström in 1914
(photo wiki commons)


  1. Wonderful the architecture.

  2. I used one of the train stamps too, aren't they great. It makes me want to travel across Finland on one. Although by the looks of it I don't know whether I'd get my tongue around the name!

  3. Two train stamps that would grace any album.

  4. Clever idea, to modify the shape of the stamp. It works too. Thank you for joining in this week.

  5. The train through the snowy forest is fantastic.

  6. train stamps are always awesome, but then especially in this size

  7. I haven't seen any of these stamps before, but I do have a card of the station. I love that art deco look.

  8. Beautiful stamps!I love the first one.

    Willa @ Postage Journal -
    My Sunday Stamp#55: Stamps From Findland


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