Friday, July 19, 2013


To get to Detroit from here one must cross the Ambassador Bridge. 
and if you spent too much time in one of these three Brass Rails, you could fill in the above postcard and send it to any of the 'old things' on your list of people to keep informed of your whereabouts. though I don't see anywhere to check off 'saw strippers' or 'burlesque show'!

LIFE Magazine described the Brass Rails as "Detroit Restaurants to fit your purse". Open every day of the year, the Brass Rails serve everything from a Corned-Beef Sandwich to a Complete Meal; feature the longest bars in Michigan; and present smart entertainment free of amusement tax.


(Toronto has its own Brass Rail, but I have never been inside it.)


  1. Unfortunately, Detroit is now going bankrupt and only has 700,000 inhabitants left out of over one million. It's a sad state of affairs for those who still live there. These postcards is pretty interesting. See what a turn history has made.

  2. Hello Violet,

    I heard once about this ambassador bridge and honestly I would have been incapable to name the city so thanks to you and this postcard I'll probably never forget from now.

    I often do my postcard while waiting for a train or a plane so this rail brass could have been a stop for me.

    Happy Postcard friday and enjoy your weekend


  3. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't ride over that bridge without levitating myself off the car seat. It's so LONG!
    ...although it has nothing on THAT BRIDGE IN DELAWARE!


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