Tuesday, July 9, 2013

grave post - Hunter

This was one of the more interestingly designed stones in the old section of the Tiverton Cemetery (see also here)
mainly because it is quite modern and doesn't really reflect the time 
of William Hunter and his wife Mary who died in 1909 and 1902.
The life of Our Little May is undated.
Yet, it also doesn't look as if it was carved by the same stonemason as the font is slightly different and the order of names, dates, locations are different on each side.
Mr Hunter was a farmer and a poet who lived in the nearby village of Underwood at Antrim Farm
some samples of his poems (there are 40 of them)

I looked on Lake Huron in the first glint of morning
As the orb of the day threw his light o'er the hill
The woods on the shore with rich beauty adorning
All mirrored in water so peaceful and still...

I have never seen Lake Huron still as a mirror, though I have been told that does happen on occasion. The lake is to the west, so here are photos of a sunrise (above) around 7:15am in August 2010
and a sunset at 8:30pm in July 2013.
The creek that runs down by our door
Is not without its charm
Though oft in spring with rage and roar
It does a lot of harm...
When mornings sun with golden beam
Illumes the eastern sky
The duck with quack and flapping wings
Makes for that stream nearby...
We watch its waters in the sun
And listen to its noise
It just appears to run for fun
To please the girls and boys...
It used to be a favorite place
When the flats were filled with logs
For the various breeds of a singing race
But most enjoyed by frogs...
But now no logs are lying round
And the frogs are not so bright
But a business new has now been found
In catching suckers at night...
And along each bank of the lovely stream
When night spreads out its pall
A row of stable lamps are seen
And splashing footsteps fall

written in May 1897

Taphophile Tragics


  1. Now there's a guy who wrote poems a person can actually understand. I like it.

    1. Can't you almost hear him trying out verses while riding his tractor?

  2. What an amazing find and what an interesting person Mr. Hunter sounds to have been.

    Poor little May, my own daughter is a year old and seeing ages like that on gravestones always makes my heart skip a beat.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  3. This is really interesting! I'm assuming that the stone was re-done, since it does look modern. I've seen that done in other cemeteries and it's kind of nice -- it preserves the information that otherwise can get worn away.

    Nice post!

    1. I was wondering if the community contributed to the new marker or if there were some family members still around.

  4. Oh dear, poor little May. How terrible that must have been.

  5. I love that last photo.

    Interesting that the tombstone shows the age down to the month.

  6. Hello Violet,

    This is a piece of art indeed. I saw some of this kind in "Pere Lachaise" cemetery in Paris. Thanks for this discovery and enjoy your weekend.



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