Friday, July 26, 2013

streetcars, streetcars, streetcars

The new TTC streetcars had their first daytime test run a few days ago. The behemoth cars look like this and won't be ready for another year.
They are wheel-chair accessible and air-conditioned but still there a sharply divided reaction to them.

I love streetcars (or trams as they are known in other parts of the world) even if they do clog traffic and need wires and rails. They are such a big city thing. Any small town could have a bus, but only a city merits a tram.

This postcard shows the PCC 4597 car on the right that was put into service in 1950. The TRC 327 open air horse car was built in 1893 and went out of service in 1915. It now is one of the favourite cars of the Halton Radial Railway Museum. (that is for another post, coming up soon!)

The new articulated streetcars are twice as long as the current ones, though they won't seat twice as many people. personally, I would love to have some double decker cars for extra seating.
the sender of this real photo postcard (undated and not postmarked) says 
"London is a marvelous city. Have changed my plans and am spending 3 weeks in England. I don't want to come home. Antique shops, theatre, fashion, parks, design, excitement and fun! Love Ina"


  1. It's been many a long year since I rode the streetcars in Toronto...early in the morning...oh my Lord they smelled so bad.

  2. Ah, these are wonderful. My husband was drooling over that first postcard! lol He loves this kind of stuff--and was the one who taught me about all things train and trolley!

    Have a lovely day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  3. I love these trams...we have one that rides from a restaurant to the top of the mountain. Amazing ride

  4. I love trams...we still have them in Rome, Italy where I live! Happy PFF!

  5. Hello Violet,

    The old card is so nice, I also love double decker. No trams in Chambery, neither in Paris my two cities. Last time I jump on a tram was in Holland, in Rotterdam with a cousin. I loved it !!!

    Happy (late) Postcard Friendship Friday!



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